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The Challenge

Communication between patient and provider is considered as the core component in the receipt and provision of appropriate medical care. Following are the challenges exist in current provider-patient interaction:

  • Patients bounced from provider inappropriately.
  • Providers face complex medical infrastructure.
  • Patients don’t show up at another provider where they are referred to.
  • Providers don’t get time to treat patients and share information with other providers.

Patients We Share is a workflow communication application to foster connectivity within the healthcare ecosystem, aligning patients with the most appropriate providers, product, and services.

The Solution

Founders of Patients We Share, Dr. Justin Bird and Dr. Terri-Ann Samuels came across similar challenges and decided to create a viable solution. PWS team worked closely with Mobisoft Infotech healthcare technology experts to build a platform where they can connect patients and providers.

PWS leveraged provider behavior to create a communication platform that fits organically into the existing healthcare ecosystem, streamlines the referral process, simplifies, and often shortens the patient’s journey to advanced care.

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Image Credit: Patients We Share
Image Credit: Patients We Share

Key Implementations

HIPAA Compliant Communication

A secure messaging platform that allows providers and patients to exchange media files like images and videos.

Biometric Authentication

The app facilitates a biometric authentication system on supported phones, as a more secure option for the patients and providers to log into the PWS system.

Medical Code Integration: ICD and CPT

The system allows providers to define their expertise through the standard coding system which enables their visibility in provider indexing. Other providers and patients can search for more appropriate providers based on the codes.

Patients Indexing

Providers can see a detailed listing of linked patients, indexed on the date, name, and case number.

Verify Patient Referral

Providers give the quick referral to patients to take second-opinion from other verified providers on their case.

Accommodate Everyone

Designed for everyone involved in patient care, such as individual providers, single hospitals, small privately-owned practices, and multi-hospital systems.

Patient We Share Solution Overview
Image Credit: Patients We Share

“Our technology is made possible by the hard work and dedication of the Mobisoft team, who not only developed great code for our solutions but also helped us improve healthcare by creating a better patient-provider experience through the use of digital technology.”

Justin E. Bird,
Founder, Patients We Share

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