Mobile App for Mental Health

Mind Warrior

An app to overcome your fears through a well-defined channel to program in more positive experiences!


Mind Warrior - A Behavior Tracking App

Mind Warrior is an app solution that can help you keep track of your mood swings, behavioral patterns and other triggers for your physical, social and psychological well being. It brings in positivity to lead a better and fulfilled life.

It helps you guide to attain the daily mindful awareness in order to create a lasting change. If you are working with a therapist, this app tool can serve as a personal recording of your daily awareness, which can be brought to therapy. It can also be accounted as a daily prompt to do the homework and practice mindfully whatever you are working on.

The idea here is to identify the primary actors for whom the system is being designed, write down the use case scenarios for each of them and arrive at a final specification list as an extension of the original scope of the project.

Why is it often so hard to sustain change?

Not all people are tough enough to withstand the many changes that one encounters in the course of your life. These reflect in the form of triggers when faced with physical, mental or psychological trauma. Triggers in our daily lives cause split-second reactions from the subconscious “hard-wiring” which drive our thoughts and actions. Unless we become much attuned to those triggers and learn how to effectively "rewire" the reaction, the default wiring wins out.

This tool can help you to:

  • Gain awareness and insight into triggered reactions
  • Learn how to positively engage the rewiring process (through neuroplasticity)

Key Features

Trigger Awareness Guides

Trigger Awareness Guides for insight and connection

Action Guides

Action Guides for practicing new responses

Daily Preparation planning

Daily Preparation planning with guided audio visualizations

Lifestyle Goal Setting

Lifestyle Goal Setting to integrate health and wellness into healing

Weekly Reviews

Weekly Reviews to track progress and encourage success.

 History Archive

History Archive to refer back to

Email Option

Email Option to allow sharing input with a therapist, sponsor, or others