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The idea of building the app was to create faster, more powerful and better-informed athletes. The app features advanced training techniques at various levels that are simple, achievable and easy to put into action. With revolutionary performance-monitoring technologies backed with world-class coaching, every athlete is bound to become a personal record holder!

Unlike most apps for runners that only track data without any productive inputs, run BSX is built with advanced coaching features, which includes real-life strategies for runners. The risk associated with injuries that are common with overtraining or under-training in competencies in the form of not knowing your body stamina and strength is lessened. The app establishes your lactate threshold and helps creates a tailored running zone for you. It won the “Best Fitness/ Training Assistant” award for 2013.

RunBSX Features


runCoach TM assures you get the most out of each training session by helping you train smarter and eliminate the junk miles of over or under training. So, strap on your favorite shoes and ear buds and go crush the PR you’ve been chasing.

How It Works

You select the perfect training plan written for you by your favorite coach that matches your goals, ability and schedule. Your coach will outline the training schedule and pacing zones you should maintain during each workout.

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With runAssessmentTM, the runBSX system learns your specific athletic profile and creates five personalized running zones to match your needs and goals. These can then be paired with a training plan written by your favorite coach to create a one-of-a-kind training experience.

A runAssessment can be completed in a few ways

Manual Entry (premium feature) - enter a professionally obtained lactate threshold (most accurate) or a recent race time

Assessment Run - complete an audio guided 6-minute field test

Quick Start - count your resting heart rate for 20 seconds (least accurate)


Running with a club, team, or your favorite running mate is always more fun than running solo. But sometimes it’s nearly impossible to get everyone there in one place at the same time! With runSocial you can now train with up to four friends in real time, whether they’re half a block away or halfway around the world. runSocialTM is available for free on a trial basis so go ahead and give it a try. See how fun it is to train with your friends.


It renders a web interface for coaches to plan and assign goals, tasks and set targets. With real time monitoring in the form of audio-visual clues, it informs the user when to slowdown or speedup to reach your optimum level and give your best every single day. In addition to real-time mapping while you run, runBSX allows you to view your detailed history/stats both on the app in runStatsTM and online at

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Winner of 2013 Overall Awards
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