Target Vision

Long-range target shooting app to redefine the shooting experience.

The shooting industry has effortlessly moved into the 21st century with Target Vision. The app in many ways has redefined shooting experience with a viewable target camera which is created combining the knowledge of CCTV camera system and component level electronics. People with a passion for shooting cannot ask for anything more.

The Products


The Hawk

The hawk helps transform any spotting scope into a smart scope within minutes



Cameras range from long and short wireless spotting scopes



Targetry comes with portable remote changer with a pelican case



It has a range of accessories to enhance the shooting experience for users

What’s new?

With Target Vision you can give a miss to traditional shooting methods that involved the use of optical based spotting scopes. Traditional methods required people to get up to see the spot and have a spotter available to help them call it out, besides having a limited range. Target Vision app offers some stunning features that only help enhance your experience with less utilization of resources, reducing variables.

The technology and the Idea

Target vision has been based on wireless camera technology. It is a perfect tool for long range shooting that combines wireless camera and the passion of the creators.

App Features

  • It’s the first and only iOS and Android based wireless camera system
  • Affordable, battery powered and can transmit signals up to 1 mile away
  • Allows multiple users and is backed with the ability to keep the device charged on the field through a built-in USP
  • All products are weather and drought resistant
  • Clear vision of the ball holes; clear concise result to what you have shot
  • One person crew
  • Less wastage of time – gives you more time on the gun, more time to train
  • Replicate the shots; reduce the variables
  • Record and take snapshots and share the results on social media

This is how it works!

Target Vision

The App at a Glance

Target Vision is the first and only wireless camera that transmits signals up to 1 mile away. All you have to do is set the camera around 10 to 15 feet away from the target, get the shot of the target you want, walk back to your bench to view the target clearly from your device. With Target Vision you can set the right tempo to attain perfection and in the bargain become a pro shooter!

Target Vision
Target Vision
Target Vision
Target Vision