Tube Alert

Tube Alert is the world's first to notify you on your mobile device when your favorite YouTubers upload a video!

Followers of YouTube need to login to check the new videos uploaded there and follow the activity on their favorite pages. Tube Alert is an app developed by Mobisoft Infotech that notifies the subscriber, on his mobile, about new videos uploaded and happenings on the pages he follows. Once the alert is received, the subscriber can check out the new uploads.

Our Challenge

The challenges revolved mainly around the size and quantum of data being handled at a given point in time.

  • Creating bulk notification

  • Batch processing – enabling the sending of push notification in batches

  • Tight integration with YouTube – to facilitate integration of new subscriptions and new videos in large numbers

  • Scalability: Creating a middleware/server engine robust that is scalable enough to deal with millions of users, thousands of pages and thousands of subscribed channels at one go while capturing the event

  • Creating the polling algorithm

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The MOGIC (Mobisoft Logic)

Our Approach

Keep the app simple and functional. Mobisoft Infotech kept the front end simple and focused on creating a robust, scalable backend to support 10 million YouTube users or more. We created a multi-level, 6- server architecture that could process the huge data and activity with the ease of a giant.

Mobisoft tubealert app prototype
Mobisoft tubealert app Wireframe
Mobisoft tubealert app Final Product
Final Product

App Features

Youtube channel notification app
  • Notifies the user, through his mobile device, as soon as a new video is uploaded on the page he follows
  • Facility to subscribe and unsubscribe
  • Facility to search and watch and like/dislike subscribed videos
  • Multiple Language Support: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish

The App at a Glance

Tube Alert is an app that instantly notifies YouTube subscribers about new videos uploaded on the pages they follow. This small and simple David of an app is actually a Goliath in the quantum of work it manages to pull off in seconds. Once subscribers add their favorite YouTubers to Tube Alert’s favorite list, they will get notified about new uploads. Tube Alert handles thousands of YouTube pages, millions of page subscribers and thousands of videos uploaded in seconds, distils the data and alerts you through a mobile. Tube Alert is a YouTube clone on a mobile phone.

You Tube new Video notification app