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Powering On-Demand Delivery & Logistics Services

Our delivery management software solution makes its simple, efficient and delightful to manage delivery operations for any business.

Local Businesses Mobisoft Infotech

Local Businesses

Manage Your Customer Deliveries With Ease

Our delivery software for small businesses enables them to efficiently manage their local delivery operations.

Delivery Apps & Startups Mobisoft Infotech

Delivery Apps & Startups

Build A Robust On-Demand Delivery Platform

We provide the technology infrastructure for startups to build on-demand delivery marketplaces, apps, and services.

Delivery & Courier Companies Mobisoft Infotech

Delivery & Courier Companies

Streamline Your On-Demand Delivery Operations

Implement our delivery dispatch and tracking software solution to optimize deliveries and improve customer satisfaction.

Automate Your Entire Delivery Operations by Integrating Digital Scanning Capabilities like Barcode Scanning

Take control of your end to end delivery processes by relying on smart devices only. Scandit's mobile computer vision technology can be easily integrated into our unified delivery management software solution to improve the efficiency of your business.

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  • Turn complex delivery processes of last-mile, every mile into simpler one
  • Easily identify time-sensitive packages from Scandit enabled mobile app
  • Scan multiple packages (or barcodes) at once and load them as per the delivery zones
  • Optimize the process of proof of delivery by scanning and signing via mobile phones or tablets
  • Get real-time and instant information about the shipment
  • Customize the delivery management software solution the way you want
  • And a lot more to manage your delivery business

Solution Overview

We offer a comprehensive and customizable delivery management software solution that offers the best experience to all key stakeholders.

Driver App Mobisoft Infotech

An app your delivery fleet would love.

Equip your delivery driver network with powerful yet intuitive iOS and Android apps that enable them to receive new delivery requests on the go and complete them efficiently.

Drivers get all the delivery requirements right on their dedicated app - pick and drop details, dispatcher notes, customer and parcel details and suggested routes.

Drivers can get proof of delivery for a successful job by collecting customer signatures, photos, notes and location logs.

You can track your drivers on an interactive map by making use of the location data sent from their apps to our central delivery tracking system.

Drivers get intelligent route suggestions for the most optimal route to complete a delivery. This is coupled with the built-in navigation feature.

Driver can easily review their job history, earnings, upcoming tasks, feedback and other important metrics to improve their performance.

Driver App Mobisoft Infotech

Seamless management of your delivery operations.

Our delivery management system will offer you the right set of tools to manage your on-demand delivery business with ease and meet rising customer expectations.

The auto-dispatch feature intelligently assigns new delivery requests to the most suitable driver.

Plan delivery routes for your fleet with our route optimization feature and save time and fuel costs.

Configure and manage all the customer updates and their content at different stages of the delivery process and improve the overall experience for them.

Get useful insights to identify operational bottlenecks, evaluate driver performance, improve route planning and more.

Keep a tab on your delivery fleet movement in the field with an interactive map view.

Dispatch System Mobisoft Infotech

Delivery assignment and tracking made seamless

Set up a sub role under your admin section for dispatchers to create new delivery jobs, assign them to your delivery drivers with the manual mode option and track them in real-time.

Dispatchers get a high-level view of real-time delivery operations for smart decision making.

Dispatchers can create new delivery tasks, add relevant information, notes and also schedule them for a later time.

Dispatchers with the right level of access can allocate a delivery job to a nearby driver with manual mode or use auto-assign option.

Delivery agents can be tracked live on an interactive map with their progress updates.

Dispatchers can stay in the loop on any new activity or update to a delivery assignment.

Customer tracking app mobisoft infotech

Offer a delightful delivery experience.

Your customers get a customized order tracking app to check their delivery status, contact delivery agents and provide feedback and ratings.

The customer app/tracking page will be fully customized with your business branding and logo.

Customers can track their order status in real-time, saving you unnecessary inquiries.

Send custom SMS alerts and push notifications at different stages of the delivery - from packaging to dispatch.

Allow customers to rate their package delivery experience and gain useful service feedback.

Customers will receive delivery boy’s contact details to connect over call if required.

On-Demand Deliveries Made Efficient And Seamless

Our delivery management software and delivery tracking app solution takes the complexity out of all types of delivery apps, and services.

Delightful Delivery Management Solution

Our Delivery Pulse solution helps businesses meet the on-demand economy needs with convenience and confidence.

Branded & Customizable

Get your own logo and theme for the driver and customer apps to build your brand.

Powerful Integrations

You can integrate with your existing ordering systems and other software tools to get maximum ROI.

Robust & Scalable

The delivery driver app can be used by hundreds of drivers to receive and complete delivery jobs with confidence.

Dedicated Support

End-to-end support to deploy and integrate the delivery management system with your existing workflows.

Intuitive User Experience

All the system users from drivers to dispatchers to the customers get easy to use app or web interfaces.

Accept Payments Anywhere

We provide seamless integrations with your country specific payment gateways to accept customer payments easily.

Built-In Analytics

Leverage all the data generated with useful insights and stats and make smart decisions.

Domain Expertise

Our team has built numerous on-demand solutions for both startup and business clients.

Route Optimization

Intelligent delivery route planner for drivers for faster ETAs and fuel efficiency.

Implementation & Launch

A comprehensive delivery management and driver tracking app development solution to rapidly scale your delivery operations.

  • Requirement Analysis

    Understanding your business needs by our on-demand delivery solution experts.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Adding support for the payment gateways of your choice.

  • Notification Integrations

    Setting up the notifications for customer and driver delivery updates.

  • Analytics Integration

    Adding an analytics dashboard to your delivery management system.

  • Security Compliance Check

    Keeping your system compliant with necessary data security standards.

  • App Marketing Services

    Optional app marketing and ASO services to drive app installs and engagement.

  • Booking Integrations

    We can build a consumer-facing delivery app that works together with the backend.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Keeping your delivery system and delivery apps running smoothly.

truck dispatch software system screens by Mobisoft Infotech

Full Feature List

Our delivery dispatch software solution includes a powerful web panel for admins and dispatchers, feature-rich delivery apps for drivers and branded order tracking app for customers.

Real-Time Requests

Drivers receive new job requests on their dedicated app in real-time.

Native Apps

Fully native feature-rich apps available for both iOS and Android.

Driver Dashboard

Overview screen for delivery agents to view upcoming task requests and more.

Delivery Verification

Drivers can collect proof of delivery from customers via signatures and GPS logs.

Suggested Routes

The route optimization feature suggests drivers the most optimal delivery route.

Delivery Details

Job details like pick and drop info, notes, etc are available right at their fingertips.

Delivery Calendar

A calendar view for drivers to easily browse through all the delivery requests.

Delivery Notes

Drivers can receive special delivery instructions as notes and add their own when needed.

Easy Onboarding

The app is intuitive and easy to use for delivery personnel and carry out tasks.

Driver Tracking

The apps send real-time location information of the drivers to the operational hub.

Performance Analytics

Drivers can view key performance indicators like earnings and more.

SOS Button

In-app emergency button for drivers to inform the back office team.

Easy To Use

The admin panel is accessible from any modern browser and is intuitive to use.

Dispatcher Module

Admins can create a dispatcher role who can execute all the operational needs.

Auto Dispatch

Run your delivery operations in autopilot mode with intelligent job dispatching.

Customer Communications

Configure and manage all the customer alerts for delivery related updates.

Driver Fleet Management

Add and manage drivers from the dedicated driver management section.

Real-Time Tracking

Keep a tab on your delivery fleet movement in the field with an interactive map view.

Job History

Keep a record of the delivery requests in one place - past and upcoming.

Delivery Verification

Get proof of deliveries from drivers through customer signatures and location tagging.

Real-Time Tracking

Keep a tab on your delivery fleet movement in the field with a map view.

Reporting & Analytics

Get useful insights and metrics to make data-driven decisions and optimizations.


The app/tracking page will be fully customized with your business branding and logo.

Driver Tracking

Customers can track the exact location of the delivery agent from the app.

Order Updates

Real-time SMS and push notification alerts for an order’s progress.

Delivery Feedback

Customers can give their ratings for the overall delivery experience.


Customers can also complete a payment after receiving their order.

Web Tracking

Send customers link to a web order tracking page via SMS.

Delivery Subscriptions

Setup recurring subscriptions for your most valuable customers.

Tablet App

Admins can access the delivery management console from a tablet.

Third Party Integrations

Expand the features of your delivery business software with custom integrations.


Connect the delivery management system to your other tools to streamline your delivery operations, from checkout to doorstep.


Technology And Solution Architecture

Built on a robust and high-performance technology stack with powerful third-party integrations and customizations to power your delivery management solution.

Enabling All Kinds of Delivery Use Cases

Our delivery management solution can be used for a wide range of delivery apps and services.

Courier and parcel delivery By Mobisoft Infotech

Courier/Parcel Delivery

Delivery and courier companies can streamline their delivery operations, improve real-time communications and more with the courier dispatch software system.

E-commerce and retail devliveries App Solution By mobisoft infotech

E-commerce & Retail Delivery

Sell products online and offer faster deliveries to customers with robust e-commerce delivery management solution.

Laundry Delivery App Solution By mobisoft infotech

Laundry Delivery

Start your laundry business with our dry cleaning software so that you can focus on your business.

Flower Delivery App Solution By mobisoft infotech

Flower Delivery

Florist delivery management software solution for shops to improve on-demand flower delivery services.

Documents Delivery App Solution By mobisoft infotech

Documents Delivery

Make your document delivery service smarter and more efficient with mobile-based delivery management.

Prepared Meals & Tiffin Delivery App Solution By mobisoft infotech

Prepared Meals & Tiffin Delivery

Start your own tiffin delivery service without having to worry about how to manage your delivery operations.

Appliance Delivery App Solution By mobisoft infotech

Appliance Delivery

Offer doorstep appliance delivery and installation services for your electronics store.


Our Delivery Pulse, delivery management software solution can enable any business globally to dispatch and track deliveries, communicate with their delivery fleet and customers and efficiently scale their delivery operations.

Schedule a free solution demo with our experts.

Yes, we provide route optimization feature to make deliveries more efficient. Contact us to schedule a demo.

Yes. The delivery management panel, driver delivery apps and customer order tracking app can all be customized as per your business requirements.

We offer a very competitive price for the delivery dispatch software and delivery driver app solution.

You can send us a quick inquiry to get a free cost estimate from our on-demand delivery management solution experts.

The solution has been designed for scalability and can be used to manage a delivery fleet of hundreds of drivers.

Schedule a free demo to know more.

Drivers can use their own iOS or Android devices or use the ones provided by your business. They just need to download your driver fleet app from the app store and log in with the credentials provided to them by you.

The delivery management software can be deployed for your business in a few days time. The time may increase based on the driver and customer app customizations requirements and any additional features or integrations who want to include.

Send us a quick inquiry to know more.

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