Some say yes, some say maybe. The market is already full of innovative health tracking devices – but the Apple Watch promises a cooler way to use them.

It provides quick, easy-to-read notifications from your phone, allows you to make purchases on the go and tracks your daily activity. When the Apple Watch hits the shelves this month, it would be partly up to the customers to decide what the purpose of the latest wearable really is. Would it be just a swanky fashion accessory or a daily activity monitoring device or just another gadget to receive a text and call notifications and check email?

‘Apple Watch is the most personal device we have ever created’, said CEO Tim Cook and has pitched health as one of the key selling points for the upcoming wearable device, including its hourly alerts to owners to get moving and be more active.

Apple Watch promises to change the way you workout:

Personalized Fitness Tracker

The Apple Watch provides a more comprehensive view of all your daily activities. Its Activity app utilizes an accelerometer to check total body movement, a custom sensor to track heart rate and measure the intensity of your workouts and GPS which tracks the entire distance you’ve covered during the day.

Accurate Data

Whether you are a marathon enthusiast or a regular gym-goer, Apple Watch provides you detailed feedback based on the intensity of your training sessions. Be it running or weights, users can set goals based on the number of calories to be burned, distance to be achieved and the length of the workout to be logged. After every activity or workout, you can view a summary and track your progress.

Your Go-to Personal Trainer

The best feature about the Apple Watch is it gets to know you over time just like a good personal trainer would. This implies that it would shoot daily reminders to keep you on track with the device’s Move, Exercise and Stand ring graphics and suggests customized goals based on your workout patterns it has been following over due course of time.

But will the Apple Watch make people fitter and healthier?


Apple Watch developers state that it is a device that helps anyone who wears it leads a healthier life by being much more active. It provides you an easy-to-read dashboard of your entire health and fitness data by tracking your sleep patterns, calorie intake, and bodily functions and is aimed at motivating users to get proactive on improving their health thus making the experience more fun.

However critics state that to wear the Apple Watch or any other wearable device, you need to keep doing something to constantly use it – wear it all the time, or recharge it (almost every day) – and reports state that there’s a drop in use after about 2 months.

For new users, the novelty wears off, excitement fades and they easily run back to their old habits, if they ever changed them to begin with. And the ones who religiously wear the device and use them over the longer term are fitness enthusiasts already and wearables are just another tool in their fitness regime.

The Apple Watch may track your health, but it’s difficult to gauge whether it would have an impact or would just make users aware of what is going within their bodies. The art of health tracking helps maintain your health no doubt and the Apple Watch takes health and fitness to the next level with accurate metrics and behavior analyzing algorithms, but in the end it comes down to personal habits and behavior change – and how well you can do that.

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