NodeJS is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that many businesses leverage to launch high-performing cross-platform applications. But the biggest challenge they face while doing so is choosing the right development partner. As a business owner, selecting an experienced NodeJS development company is important to make the most out of NodeJS. 

best NodeJS development company

But how to decide which company has the potential to deliver breakthrough technology solutions? How to get aligned with the one that consistently focuses on satisfying your project needs? To answer these questions and lower the risk of making a wrong decision, our experts have come up with this interesting blog that will help you choose wisely. We will discuss some significant factors in selecting the best company. But first, let’s understand why you need NodeJS in the first place.   

Why is NodeJS so Popular?

Adopting NodeJS is a massive trend that is going to transform the software development landscape for the better. What’s making it popular among developers worldwide is its undeniable set of benefits. Here are a few of them.   

  • Full-Stack JS 

    It is regarded as one of the best full-stack technologies that help to deliver both client and server-side applications. As such, you don’t have to worry about employing separate teams for the backend and frontend development.

  • Agility

    Your developers get the privilege to exploit the ergonomic characteristics by utilizing Google’s V8 JavaScript engine that is built on C++. It makes your app more lightweight and agile than ever before.

  • Hosting

    NodeJS ecosystem is compatible with advanced web hosting solutions. It supports various hosting services such as  Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, DigitalOcean, Bluehost, EvenNode, Glitch, etc.

  • Caching

    NodeJS is event-driven, single-threaded, and offers the caching ability to store data for future activities. These attributes help efficiently process a multitude of simultaneous requests and positively impact the application speed.

  • Easy Sharing

    NodeJS has built-in support for package management with Node Package Manager (NPM), which helps share code effectively. Developers use this tool to deploy and maintain code easily.

  • Flexible and Scalable

    The platform is backed by a non-blocking event loop system that offers complete scalability and flexibility to build your choicest apps. You get enough room to speed up the execution of your NodeJS backend development activities without compromising on quality.

  • Modern Architecture

    NodeJS allows an iterative software development process. It enables communication among different parts of the application (microservices) to boost overall performance and productivity.

  • Open-Source Community  

    It is an open-source environment that facilitates collaboration with talented developers across the globe. Its large and active community is continuously evolving to keep up with the latest technology trends and market expectations.

    You can also use NodeJS to build complex Single Page Applications (SPAs) and live collaboration tools. It is a go-to option for delivering intuitive real-time chat apps and streaming solutions. It offers all the needed support to launch efficient IoT-based products and services. 

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About NodeJS Development Company

We are an organization that operates across different industry verticals to cater to the specific project requirements of startups, SMEs, and legacy enterprises. We are committed to offering NodeJS development services to satisfy diverse business needs. Let’s take a look at them one by one. 

  • API Development

    Create highly scalable RESTful APIs and ensure better connectivity with third-party components.

  • Plugins Development

    Explore the power of custom plugins development services with NodeJS. Build plugins, modules, and other extensions relevant to your project alongside experiencing unmatched web development experiences.

  • UI/UX Development

    Reap the benefits of world-class design patterns, UI/UX architecture, motion graphics, animation, and more. Develop and deploy web and mobile applications that promote seamless interactivity. 

  • Real-time Chat Apps Development

    Get access to popular web technologies, tools, frameworks, IDEs, etc., to render contemporary, real-time chat apps. Build instant messaging solutions on-demand to expand your user base.

  • Migration Services

    Receive complete support and assistance to migrate your existing application from any other framework to Node JS faster and better. Align with the preferred technologies that match your app migration needs head-on.

  • Ajax Development 

    Create high-performance, dynamic, and multipurpose Ajax applications and web portals driven by the most used web development tools and technologies like JavaScript, CSS, XHTML, and XML HTTP Request.

  • Support and Maintenance

    Improve app performance with well-defined support and maintenance activities. Acquire all the needed guidance to plan and execute updates or modify existing features and functionalities when required.

  • NodeJS Consulting

    Take advantage of full-fledged NodeJS consulting services to seamlessly manage and execute your project. Employ experienced NodeJS consultants to establish a project roadmap, address major development issues, choose the right tech stack, allocate responsibilities, and much more with ease.

  • NodeJS Outsourcing

    Avoid the complexities of a time-consuming hiring process by outsourcing your requirements and hiring NodeJS developers of your choice. Onboard individuals or a development team to exceed user expectations. 

Build highly scalable, user-friendly, and secure applications with the help of our experienced NodeJS developers

A Step-by-Step Process to Choose the Best NodeJS Development Company

You can explore all the aforementioned services only when you partner with the right NodeJS web development company. And for that, you need to strictly understand and follow the steps given below. 

  • Step1: Define Key Business Requirements

    The first and most important step to consider while choosing a NodeJS development company is properly specifying your business requirements. You should have a crystal clear idea about the key objectives you want to meet. Make a list of the desired results you want to achieve before starting the project. Think practically and understand how you want your product to interact with your user base. 

    Some of the significant areas that you need to watch out for include the type of app you want to develop, features and functionalities, customizations, target audience and their pain points, set development timeline, and budget. You also need to decide whether you want to build an application from the ground up or support an existing one before you get in touch with any IT outsourcing companies. 

  • Step 2: Shortlist Relevant Companies

    After defining your business requirements, you need to focus on shortlisting companies that perfectly match your expectations. Make sure that the outsourcing companies you approach outline the necessary benefits, satisfy the criteria, and have experience in providing the top-notch NodeJS web development services mentioned above. To put it simply, the companies should have the potential to understand your vision and what you intend to build. 

    You need to shortlist only those that have the necessary talent in place to satisfy your specific app development needs. They should have dedicated developers or development teams who have the capabilities to fulfill the delegated roles and responsibilities within estimated timelines.    

  • Step 3: Go through the Project Portfolio

    Now that you have shortlisted some potential companies, you need to observe their overall industry experience and project portfolio closely. Check out the projects worked upon in the past and how they have contributed to their success. Make sure you go through the list of clients they have served over the years. Ask them to share some work samples and examine the know-how of their existing and ongoing projects.  

    Identify whether the shortlisted companies have some prior experience working on a similar project as yours. Tell them to provide some case studies and analyze if there is any match within your niche. Find out whether they have encountered the challenges that you currently face. Understand the practices deployed to overcome those and the approach followed in handling failures.

  • Step 4: Validate Technology Competency

    The next step to consider is verifying the technical expertise. You need to assess how the companies keep up with the latest NodeJS development trends and technologies. Check whether they are competent enough to help you benefit from the serverless architecture. Verify their knowledge of MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.JS) and MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, NodeJS) app development stacks. 

    The NodeJS development company you choose should have experience using IoT-related devices such as beacons, actuators, sensors, and so on. They should have good knowledge of microservices architecture and how it can be used to construct enterprise-grade web and mobile applications. Besides, the know-how of popular cloud computing service models is also necessary. 

  • Step 5: Assess Development Skills

    Along with technical proficiency, you need to make sure that the app development company you chose should be backed by developers who are well versed in the basics of programming languages. They should know how RESTful APIs work. They should have prior experience working with Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and frontend/ backend tools. You also need to evaluate their understanding of popular testing tools. 

    Evaluate their familiarity with alternative package managers and open-source packages. Study their development skills deeply to find out whether they have the needed expertise to carry out Object Relational Mapping (ORM) activities. Find out if they are well aware of the most commonly used cloud platforms, template designs, and third-party libraries. To understand these skills in more detail, check out our previous blog.   

  • Step 6: Check Reviews and Ratings Thoroughly 

    After verifying the skills, it is time to take a look at the industry reputation of the company that you consider working with. You need to go through the reviews and ratings posted on the companies’ websites, popular third-party platforms, and other social media channels. You can also ask your professional circle to share their experiences of working with the companies (if any).  

    You need to check out some testimonials to ensure that your project is going to be in safe hands. These testimonials and statements give you a glimpse into the strengths and weaknesses of the companies. It helps you understand how they have helped their clients make progress. In addition, you get to know whether they were a major asset or just a helping hand.  

  • Step 7: Understand the Company Culture

    This step is all about prioritizing project management, communication, and coordination in order to avoid the complexities related to the timezone difference (if present). You need to analyze the company culture and how it operates to deliver NodeJS web development services. Understand the software development methodologies they follow. For instance, if they practice agile methodology, make sure they know Sprint planning and how to work across the Scrum framework. 

    Take a look at the technologies and channels they use to perform communication and data management activities. Check if they have the ability to deploy the needed security measures to safeguard business-critical data. Learn how the companies plan and execute daily and weekly standup meetings. Understand their reporting mechanism and find out which project management tools are used to support each development stage.  

  • Step 8: Discuss Project Requirements

    With all the above steps, you would have surely selected a company that can help you achieve desired results. The next step involves sharing your project requirements with your chosen NodeJS development company and providing all the useful information to have a better understanding of the product roadmap. You need to brief the company about your app ideation and what its USP should be. It is important to have a detailed discussion about filtering out unwanted attributes and focus on the core competencies. 

    Make sure both parties agree on the project timeline to be followed. Talk to them about your topmost priorities and take their feedback on the same. Understand their views and suggestions thoroughly. Be open to questions and clear all their doubts to avoid confusion while approaching the early development stages. Altogether, this discussion should focus on finalizing the scope of the project, user personas, documentation, and overall Software Requirements Specification (SRS).         

  • Step 9: Select an Engagement Model 

    Depending on your requirements, you need to analyze whether you aim to leverage NodeJS web application development services on a contract or want a dedicated development team to manage your project independently. As such, you need to choose an engagement model that fits your project roadmap and overall budget. For short-term projects, you can choose the Fixed Price model. But if you are not clear about your project’s scope and features, you can opt for a Time and Material model.  

    A Dedicated Developer model can be one of the most competent pricing options for a long-term project that involves evolving requirements and constant changes. However, if you have hourly requirements or only want one-time support for your existing application, you can choose a Hybrid model (combination of Fixed Price and Time & Material model) to save time, resources, and capital. 

  • Step 10: Get Started 

    When you complete all these steps as specified, you will be all set to start your app development project with a reliable NodeJS development partner. Last but not least, you need to make sure that you have complete ownership of your project code along with intellectual property rights. You also need to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) to preserve the confidentiality of your application idea and secure sensitive business information.  

Reasons to Outsource Your Requirements to a NodeJS Development Company 

Now that you know the process of choosing the best NodeJS development company, it’s time to move forward to understanding why outsourcing your requirements to a NodeJS development firm is the becoming need of the hour. Here are some significant reasons to look into. 

  • Cross-platform App Development

    Outsourcing your NodeJS development requirements help you achieve multi-platform compatibility. It helps you develop web and mobile applications that run on both Android and iOS devices and supports different OSs such as Linux, macOS, Windows, and more. 

  • End-to-end NodeJS Consulting

    One of the most important reasons to opt for a NodeJS development agency is extensible consulting. You get 360-degree consultation and support to track necessary KPIs, metrics, and other performance parameters to ensure smooth execution across all app development stages.    

  • Better Code Quality

    Partnering with a NodeJS development company helps you deliver good quality code by all means. Your software development process will be backed by industry-acclaimed coding standards and practices. You will be able to identify, analyze, and remove potential app vulnerabilities, bugs, or any other glitches quickly and efficiently. 

  • Dedicated NodeJS Developers

    You can hire NodeJS developers with versatile technical experience and expertise to serve various business use cases. You get the opportunity to connect with dedicated NodeJS professionals who focus on accelerating the entire app development process and reducing the time to market.   

  • Tailored Solutions

    Aligning with a NodeJS development company in India helps you optimize your development activities and secure business-critical data in a hassle-free way. You can hire vetted Node JS developers, change team size at any development stage, and scale it as per your project requirements. 

  • Proven Methodologies

    Outsourcing encourages communication and collaboration between your in-house and extended team. This collaboration and workflow are driven by proven software development methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, Lean, etc., enabling you to deliver high-quality products and services. 

How can Mobisoft Help?

Partnering with Mobisoft will help you hire seasoned NodeJS experts of your choice and start your app development project right away. As an experienced NodeJS app development company, we are fully equipped with the best software developers, app engineers, and product consultants who focus on providing services that help your business thrive and grow exponentially. Be it custom requirements, UI/UX development, migration and upgradation of your app, or building a product from scratch, our NodeJS development team caters to all your requirements in the best possible way.    

With our decade of experience and technical expertise, we help you build superior NodeJS web and mobile applications that your end-users would love to interact with. We take the best security measures to ensure source code protection and end-to-end confidentiality. Our flexible engagement and hiring models help you hire global IT talent and produce modern mobility solutions effortlessly. We consistently strive to offer value-based services that enable your company to generate profitable outcomes in the long run.


If you have already chosen NodeJS for your app development project, you have made the right decision. However, to take full advantage of this cross-platform technology, it is imperative to partner with the right NodeJS development company. This will not only help you create world-class applications but also efficiently address user demands. If you want to extend your in-house NodeJS capabilities and overcome skill deficits, you can choose our team augmentation service model and hire skilled developers within budget.

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