Now that there are 300K+ apps on AppStore, there is high possibility that your idea has been implemented and have an app on store for sale. We are getting many requirements from clients about creating an app similar to one in AppStore and at the same time with the concern, whether they can make money out of it?

It is obvious that existing competition for an app idea means that your life is going to be harder. However, it definitely does not mean that their implementation for the app is the best it could be. If you can add something to the already existing idea that can improve the app or make it more appealing, Go ahead!!

In such scenario, you need smart companies well-versed in market research to figure out whether it would be worth the competition. “We are here for you” 🙂

Ask yourself these basic questions:

  • Are users who purchased the app happy with the existing app?
  • There are chances in the sea of app world that they are not happy about it , find out the roots.
  • It can be price structure of the app that users are not happy about. Is it wrongly priced? e.g. Unnecessary in-app purchases at regular intervals of app usage, multi-level unlocking of features with payments, prices are not justified for what they offer etc.
  • Can you offer better pricing model?
  • Do you have list of superior features including ‘must-have’?
  • Do you have enough resources and money to compete with existing app?

Lets DISCOVER the potential of your idea together and have a refreshing app experience for 125 Million iOS users.


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