Mobile devices have changed the face of businesses and its working. The fact that apps have attained a valuable space in the lives of millions of people across the globe have made them undeniably significant. It is thus no surprise that there are innumerable businesses out there that caters to mobile devices. Statistics reveal that almost a quarter of the web traffic now comes from mobile apps. Mobile not only contributes towards business growth, but also enhances sales, boosts marketing methods and promotes your brand!

There are no two ways to the fact that the mobile arena has established a unique landscape of its own, and its integration in the real and digital world is becoming more and more apparent. This has unfastened new opportunities for businesses and new challenges for advertising and marketing domains.

A simple answer to why engage in mobile space is the sheer convenience mobility brings along. It is easy to use, faster and provides a better user experience. Apart from these, there are other add-ons in terms of hardware utilization of the device. For example the GPS functionality and push notifications alert users about things they are interested to know or are in the look for.

Today’s customers are always on the move, which facilitates the use of mobile apps. Mobile apps allow customers to have information at their fingertips.

In fact digital market advisors feel that apps may become more imperative than websites. A recent statistics by eMarketer (chronicled by adAge) found that when compared to all the different media channels, Americans spent more time on digital media, including television, in 2013. Furthermore the time spent per day on mobile devices has increased by 575% in comparison to a 3 year old statistics.

Another interesting find by flurry affirms,

80% of the time spent on mobile devices is spent using apps; 20% on browsers

This comprehensively demonstrates that consumers wish for simplicity and focus that an app offers rather than variety and dissemination of websites.

Mobile app is a perfect tool to enhance sales and marketing for a company who has a product or service to promote. With your sales and marketing team armed with an app it offers easy, on-the-go access to the entire library of brochures, videos, powerpoint presentations, social media, new updates and more. It equips an ease of promotion even when encountered with unexpected potential clients and offers optimum customer engagement at anytime, anyplace.

On the flip side, it brings other value-added benefits to consumers in terms of convenience, easy ordering, and comparison shopping, giving way to marketers to act as per consumer demands.

One such app that enhances sales and marketing, apart from creating a brand awareness of its own in many industry verticals is Catalog Pulse. Promoting your brand to potential and existing clients has never been easy. The app with its easy and intuitive user interface provides real time data to sales and marketing professionals. The app can be customized as per business requirement to incorporate the ideal design and features with its brand and images that differ from industry to industry. Certain areas of the app are password protected to ensure that some materials are accessible only to the employees to carry out presentations or use as references.

With mobile usage on a rise, small businesses have also a lot to gain. Here is how small business can benefit through mobile apps.

  • Allow Mobile Orders
  • Push Notifications
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Social Referrals
  • Mobile Reservations
  • Event RSVPs
  • GPS Coupons
  • Newsletter Signups

A mobile app can enhance trust, transparency and engagement through meaningful marketing. The expression of a personal touch to the service is what makes all the difference. Apart from this, attention to detail, and concentrating on consumer perception considering their feedback, reviews and ratings for the service is another add-on. Not to forget convenience also comes into picture when you think of meaningful marketing. An app can easily help you offer purposeful services and let you one up above the rest.

The key to successful marketing is to propose a “red carpet treatment” to consumers in the form of real time personal assistance, price comparison, reviews, best deals, offers, discounts, exclusivity, and other attractive add-ons. This would make mobile consumers feel special with the anticipation that they have cracked the inside deal also giving them a good reason to spread a word ‘for’ the company. Desirable products from savvy dealers are no escape with mobile marketing.

A mobile application plays a crucial role when promoting your brand and is also instrumental to help you connect with your customers. A mobile app can help promote your brand strategy in the following ways:

  • Building customer relationship and reaching out to them
  • Efficiently target audience; Boost up customer engagement
  • Lucrative offers that makes customers valued for
  • Increases customer convenience through instant information sharing network
  • Social Media access to augment sales
  • Offers multiple branding opportunities
  • Creates a huge buzz of your brand!

In-House News

Mobisoft wins #10 in the Cougar 100, 2014!

The University of Houston Alumni Association through its Cougar 100 program identifies and ranks the top 100 fastest growing companies based on their compounded annual growth rate. With an air of excitement and gratification, Mobisoft appeared on the top 10 list of companies, talking the 10th place for 2014. A proud moment for the team and more celebrations to be followed as the company also completes 5 exciting years in the app world!