Cell phones and teen drivers are a bad combination as they pose a serious danger to pedestrians as well as the drivers themselves. TextHALT is a smart mobile app solution that aims at putting an end to distracted driving behind the wheel and helps save lives. It auto-detects when your vehicle is in motion and disables the distracting features of your phone such as incoming calls, texts, notifications and more thus keeping you safe when you’re on the move.


Communication, be it internal or external, is the key requirement of any successful business. For employees of most companies, email is the quickest way to get a message to someone, but it isn’t very efficient. Critical messages can go unnoticed under junk mail, event invitations, and newsletters.

Say goodbye to disconnected employees with our mobile app based solution for better internal employee communication, to keep employees “in the know,” as well as connected to the business and each other.


Here’s an insight into the latest data from the financial earnings reports released by publicly traded tech companies, which clearly shows why the Mobile First Approach is the way forward.


As per the recent statistics, there are more than 1.4 million apps on Apple’s App Store. For the Google Play store the number is 1.5 million which calls for crazy competition for your app to truly stand out from the rest. Here’s a look at the trending techniques and social strategies you can use to gain initial traction and market your app successfully.

The key components of a brilliant mobile app strategy are Distribution and Monetization. We agree that monetizing your app is always a big question. How do you do it? What’s the best business model? How do I monetize my app and maintain all my users? Here are 8 creative App Monetization Techniques explained in detail for different business requirements.

Apple’s iOS 9 is arriving this fall. Rumors have it that the tech giant will officially support content blocking through extensions to the Safari Web browser in the name of privacy and user preference. Consumers would be able to hide ads on their devices, minimizing their data usage and making the mobile Web run faster. Is Apple against the entire mobile publisher and advertiser ecosystem?