Healthcare Interoperability Solutions

We provide digital health product startups and providers with healthcare interoperability solutions to seamlessly integrate, manage, and exchange healthcare data.

Interoperable Solutions With Major EHR Vendors

With expertise in interface development and data migration, we enable you to access information easily from any vendor via standard-based methods

Cerner’s open, collaborative environment enables healthcare organizations to strengthen services across the continuum.

With EPIC’s “Care Everywhere” interoperable platform, doctors and nurses can electronically exchange patients’ medical information.

Athenahealth interoperability has a hyperconnected network approach, enabling healthcare organizations to follow the care across settings.

Our Expertise

We support providers and healthcare organizations to promote high-quality patient care, product expertise, and appropriate technology application.

Data Accessibility

Securely access data from any source via standard-based methods by integrating with standards such as FHIR, HL7, CDA, and, X12 formats.

Digital Assets Connectivity

Integrate EHR data and legacy solutions to provide truly digital experience to patients, users, and providers.

Network and Systems Administration

We can help healthcare organizations manage vendor development projects to standardize implementation and enhance client growth.

Continuum Care Support

We ensure that healthcare procedures are aligned with documented patient’s requirements and aggregate clinical data from multiple sources for better treatment decisions.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay in compliance with government policy requirements - including HIPAA, HITECH, and some government health agencies, such as CDC, NAACCR, etc.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

We enable health organizations to manage seamless enterprise implementation of healthcare EMR/EHR interface system.

Cloud Virtual Storage, Security, and Recovery Planning

Whether you need your system administered, configured, or maintained, we can help you manage logical security for all servers.

Success Stories

Healthcare solutions are successfully delivered to our clients. Here are some of our notable work.

Tools & Technologies

A robust technology stack used by our in-house team to power your branded interoperable solution.

Build Interoperable Healthcare Solutions

Our healthcare interoperability software solutions enable the seamless exchange of healthcare data amongst companies and patients for better clinical decision making and offer complete control over health information.


Few good words of appreciation from our satisfied digital healthcare clients.

We at Khushi Baby are proud to work with our partners at Mobisoft. Mobisoft has helped us build a rigorous platform for tracking maternal and child health, which has been used to track the health of over 22,000 mothers and infants in rural regions of Rajasthan, India (As of Dec 2018). We look forward to the journey ahead with Mobisoft as we grow as an organization and as a technology platform for digital health.

- Ruchit Nagar, CEO, Khushi Baby

Our technology is made possible by the hard work and dedication of the Mobisoft team, who not only developed great code for our solutions but also helped us improve healthcare by creating a better patient-provider experience through the use of digital technology.

- Justin E. Bird, Founder, Patients We Share

Why Choose Our Healthcare Interoperability Service?

We help you deliver better and efficient patient care through the secure exchange of health information using our healthcare interoperability solutions.

  • Patient-Centric Approach
  • EHR Integration Expertise
  • HIPAA Certified Engineers
  • Startup Accelerators
  • Care for Knowledge
  • Domain Expertise
  • Robust Client Base
  • Micro Venture Partnerships
  • 11+ Years
  • 25+Custom Healthcare
  • 30+HIPAA Certified
  • 225+Team
Johnson and Johnson GenH award Khushi Baby


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