Selling an Android app only on Android Market isn’t enough to reach wider audience. Developers who want to make the android app successful and increase the downloads in short time frame can choose to target alternate Android app stores. Below are almost all the android app stores available. Releasing your app on all these stores may not be good decision, however you can target some of these markets based on, what the store is famous for? or what kind of audience does the app store serve?

Nevertheless, the list of alternate android app stores would definitely help you increase your app sales.

Android Market –
Appia –
Mobango –
SlideMe –
Mobiles24 –
AndroidPit –
GetJar –
Handster –
Android Lib –
AndSpot –
NavTech App WareHouse –
AppBrain –
AppCity –
Cisco AppHQ –
Apitalism –
Appoke –
Bloom Worlds –
Camangi Market –
DJuzz – Mall –
YAAM(Yet Another Android Market) –
AppsLib –
AppPlanet –
Airtel App Central –
Amazon App Store –
Pocket Gear –
Docomo Market –
Fast App –
Handango –
Handmark –
mJelly –
Mobihand –
Mobile2Day –
Mobile Apps –
MobSpot –
MPlay it –
Samsung AppStore –
Storoid –
White App –