Sometimes it becomes headache to make your android app to run on wide range of android devices. Most of times such scenario comes for few specific devices. Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the special case where we face problem for android app UI.

To make resources for Samsung Galaxy Note, we need to understand few things regarding Samsung Galaxy Note’s resolutions and pixels structure

Samsung Galaxy Note’s resolution is 800 x 1280 pixels, 5.3 inches (~285 ppi pixel density). So android developer may rush in hurry to get image resources directly for 800 x 1280 pixels resolution from graphics designer. But before doing so we need to know very important thing about devices like Samsung Galaxy Note which uses Pen Tile Technology.

Its pixels consist of only two sub-pixels instead of three and the claimed pixel density is only achieved using subpixel rendering. In any case, the ppi numbers are not directly comparable.

(source : Wikipedia)

So we can calculate actual pixels from given screen resolution. We know one 1 dp equals 1.5 physical pixels so Samsung Galaxy Note’s resolution in would be 1200 x 1920. But as its pixels has two sub-pixels we can get image resources for 600 x 960 pixels layout.

Next step is to keep all resources in proper folder. Though Samsung Galaxy Note’s resolutions seems to be tablets resolution but actually its not. Its hdpi but you need with large resolution.

We can add qualifier to resources folder to make it work on different devices. For Samsung Galaxy Note, one need to add “large” qualifier to resources folder. For example we need to keep all image resources in “drawable-large-hdpi” folder.

This way we can make resources for Samsung Galaxy Note.