As an iOS developer we have to get couple of things ready from client before entering into design phase/implementation of iOS application for smooth execution of project. Following are some of them:

1 Developer Account

In order to provide intermediate build to client and get feedback on builds we need to create adhoc build of iOS application and for creation of adhoc builds as well as final build to push on apple store we should have apple developer account. Client has to join the apple developer portal with enrollment of $99/year.

2 Graphical elements

Even if developer team is responsible for graphics and UX design of iOS application, they expect couple of things from client that will help them to create better screen design, Following are some of those items:

– Logo of the client company or Logo for app to be developed
– Application logo(512×512)
– Color schemes

All graphical elements should be in PSD/Firework(.png) file format so that we can recreate images from it while supporting the app for multiple screen resolution.

If client has already got all the screen designs ready for the app to be develop and developer is only going to implement the features then all screen graphics should be in the same format of PSD with high screen resolution. Ex. The PSD should have screen resolution of 640×960 if we are planning to support devices of screen resolution 320×480 and 640×940.

3 Web server details

If application involve web portal or web services development then client company has to purchase VPS server or server space on cloud so that developer can use the deployment server right from start during development as staging server. The server configuration and provider like Hostgator, amazon or Linode can be decided based on the expected traffic on the web portal and resources required.

More information about server hosting can be found here.

Also developer has to get the details about following information from client company to create the placeholder website of landing page of application that can be useful for marketing or promotion purpose:

  • Brief information about the company or application
  • Content for “About Us” page
  • Contact Information like email address, phone no, support email and phone no., Facebook link and twitter link etc.
  • Website url
4 Device support

We need to decide on the devices we are planning to support for the application. If we are developing it for iPod Touch, the app will work functionality wise as is on iPhone and iPad but the quality of graphics and better utilization of capability of these devices cant be achieved that way. We should have set of high screen resolution graphics for iPhone and iPad for retina display and by developing universal app we can better utilize the space on iPad screen with different UX design for it.