React has already gained popularity by becoming one of the most used libraries in JavaScript (JS). Programmers and professionals who have a good knowledge and understanding of React JS are witnessing an all-time high demand and career opportunities. On the flip side, there are emerging developers who are unable to identify the right set of resources and are skeptical about the online tutorials to learn React JS.

top 10 list of best react tutorials

But not to worry, we have compiled a list of the 10 best React tutorials on YouTube that’ll give you all the information to learn and become a React JS pro. 

Must Watch YouTube Tutorials to Learn React JS for Free

These best React courses shall make learning React much easier than ever before. So, without further ado, let’s start discussing them one by one and secure your future exponentially.

1 React Crash Course for Beginners 2021

As the name suggests, it’s a go-to tutorial for programmers who want to learn React from scratch. The React tutorial 2021 for beginners is brought to you by Academind that explains what React is in detail and how it can be used to develop Single Page Applications (SPAs). You’ll also learn to set up a Code Editor and understand how React works while doing so. The tutorial shall shed some light on the key Components of React, styling with CSS Classes, using Context in Components, and much more. 

Check this full tutorial:

2 React JS Full Course for Beginners

This tutorial is introduced by Dave Gray for the newcomers in the field. It’s an all-inclusive YouTube tutorial showcasing 23 clearly defined sessions to understand React programming and enhance your development skills. It’s a complete video textbook that’ll help you learn about modern React with functional components and hooks. In nine hours, you can also learn about Applying CSS Styles, Props & Prop Drilling, CRUD Operations, Router Hooks & Links, etc. 

Check this full tutorial:

3 Advanced React Hooks

It’s an all-in-one free React course presented by Codedamn to help you understand advanced React Hooks in a better manner and level up your coding. The course shall introduce you to Hooks and the setup you need to approach them. You’ll get detailed insights into UseState, UseState Lazy Initialization, and UseState Updating State. The discussion would also explain the Lifecycle of Hooks, point out the key differences between UseState Functional Update & Direct Value Update, etc.  

Check this full tutorial:

4 All React Hooks Explained

This is one of the best React tutorials released by PedroTech that shall give you a detailed overview of every single core hook from React. You’ll receive 360-degree guidance on using React Hooks like UseState, UseReducer, UseEffect, and UseRef. The other parts of this tutorial would also give you the necessary information to understand Hooks such as UseLayoutEffect, UseImperativeHandle, UseContext. UseMemo, and UseCallback. 

Check this full tutorial:

5 Learn Material UI in One Hour

If you’re looking for a quick tutorial to start with Material UI, this one-hour video session put forth by JavaScript Mastery is all you need. This React Material UI project tutorial includes simple yet informative explanations to explore & read the documentation and apply the same to the source code. It’s a practical guide that’ll introduce you to Material UI Components, Props, Component API, and also explain how to write the entire Component from scratch. 

Check this full tutorial:

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6 Redux Toolkit Tutorial 2021

This is another video by PedroTech that defines all the basics of Redux with the help of React-Redux and Redux-Toolkit libraries. The main objective of this YouTube tutorial is to simplify using Redux via real-life examples. You’ll learn what State Management is and how to create a Redux store in detail. The tutorial shall introduce you to Reducers / Slices / Actions with a practical use case. Furthermore, it’ll shed some light on imperatives such as UseSelector, UseDispatch, Multiple Reducers, etc. 

Check this full tutorial:

7 Async JS Crash Course – Callbacks, Promises, Async Await

This complete tutorial shall help you understand different aspects of asynchronous JavaScript. It’s a pragmatic crash course brought to you by Traversy Media that covers Callbacks, Promises, including Promise.all, as well as the Async/Await syntax. You’ll learn how to use Async/Await, which results in a much cleaner code than using multiple .then(s). Along with this, you’ll also come to know about other essentials like Pre-callback, Actual callback, etc. 

Check this full tutorial:

8 React Router v6 in-depth guide

This YouTube tutorial is created by Hitesh Choudhary. It’s an in-depth guide that not only talks about React Router version 6 (v6) but also helps you create a fresh project right from the start. For beginners, the session holds complete information for learning React Router v6. However, if you have prior experience, this video will teach you to upgrade your project from version 5 to version 6 successfully.

Check this full tutorial:

9 Next.js Crash Course for Beginners 2021

This three-hour free course introduced by Academind is the best way to learn NextJS. It gives you a complete overview of React’s most popular Production Framework – Next JS. It’s a realistic guide where you can learn what Next JS is, its key features, how you can create dynamic pages, etc. The course shares useful information for Programmatic Navigation, adding Custom Components & Styling with CSS, how Next JS page pre-rendering actually works, deploying Next JS projects, etc. 

Check this full tutorial:

10 GraphQL With React Tutorial – Apollo Client

It’s a small video tutorial made by PedroTech that provides you with all the knowledge at a beginner level on how to use React as the client for your GraphQL Project. The tutorial depicts the use of Apollo Client 3 to handle all the GraphQL requests to the Apollo server. You’ll learn how to work with GraphQL for the frontend with React, how you can easily interact with GraphQL API, etc.  

Check this full tutorial:

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned best React tutorials shall surely help you learn React JS for free and in the easiest way possible. It would not only give you an extra edge to build future-ready apps but prepare you to handle real-world, production-ready projects. However, you can check out other online React tutorials to support and amplify your programming knowledge. Just make sure that you pay attention to minute details and follow the instructions to take full advantage.

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