Oil and gas industries are faced with the complexities of managing and organizing multiple types of resources; equipment, employees and crew belonging to different sections need to be handled systematically to ensure smooth production and low costs. This is where workforce management software plays an important role.

However, as the need for workforce management solutions within the oil and gas industry has been growing, it has given rise to a new set of challenges to meet these demands and provide the apt solutions needed to cater to this industry’s specific needs.


Different Workflow Process: The same business process and patterns followed by other field service management solution providers is relatively easier as compared to the oil and gas industry which functions differently.

Long Duration Jobs: Jobs within the oil and gas industry are mostly of long duration which can range anywhere from a few days to several months.

Remote Locations: Lack of connectivity is a major challenge faced by upstream oil and gas industries as offshore drilling rigs are often located at remote areas where there is no access to cellular coverage.

Manual Data Processing: Manual data entry often involves time-consuming paperwork which is highly error-prone and risky.

Poor communication between field operators and the office: With most of the field workers operating from remote areas without any cellular coverage, communication becomes an issue as it leads to time being wasted by both field operators as well as office staff.

Operator Safety: As most of the workforce operates from hazardous locations, operator safety is a constant concern.


Integrating mobile workforce management solutions within the upstream oil and gas industry improves the efficiency of field operators, office staff and the entire workforce as a whole.

Hours of Service:
With the help of this mobile application, users can login real-time, communicate with senior management as they progress through the day’s work and provide any urgent notifications. Since all the data is backed up on cloud, accurate history details regarding any task status or employee details can be accessed 24/7 in a single click.

Field Ticketing & Work Order Management:
As a vital part of mobile workforce management solutions, the mobile application enables field ticketing or work orders to get automatically dispatched to the field operator from the office staff which contains the entire task lists to be performed for the day.

Work Alone Safety:
Ensuring the health and safety of every worker is the main concern within the oil and gas industry. Thus adopting mobile workforce management solutions enables you to:

  • Let you know what your field workers are currently working on and where exactly they are even if they are working at hazardous locations.
  • All their activities right from login to log off is tracked and time-stamped thus maintaining real-time contact with the office. (This is possible even if the worker is in an area with no cellular coverage)
  • Working premises are geo-fenced to include local emergency and non-emergency information for issues while on and off the clock.
  • Bringing together workforces located across different countries on to a single platform or meeting to discuss work techniques, procedure updates and training is time consuming and expensive. Thus, this solution provides training and vital information which can be accessed by all field personnel at any time and from any part of the globe.

Field Support:

  • With the help of this application it provides notifications about locations to watch out for, the best places to eat and sleep, what to do on weekends etc.
  • Provides real-time current travel arrangements and automated expense reporting into the mobile device.
  • With the help of this application, it provides digital timesheets and time stamping which provides real time resource allocation thus eliminating any employee disputes.


  • Improving field worker safety and reducing the risk of workforce injuries
  • Systematic allocation of appropriately skilled workers to each job
  • Minimizing paperwork and boosting field worker efficiency with accurate data capturing
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improvising optimization and scheduling of field resources and work, thus achieving greater field productivity
  • Real-time monitoring of assets and workforce thus assuring timely reporting and audit transparency

Regardless of your workforce size, we provide customized mobile workforce management solutions which allow your enterprise to use accurate data to optimize business practices. Our solutions provide you the most effective ways to manage your workforce, perfectly tailored to your business needs and integrated with your existing infrastructure to help you deal with the unique issues you face.