Android, the most successful and user-friendly operating system, has been ruling the market since its launch. It has revolutionized the smartphone industry in many ways, especially by bringing many innovative UI/UX changes, privacy, and security features with annual Android OS updates

tips to hire android developers for your next project in 2022

Android is widely used by most businesses and has become the first choice when it comes to mobile app development. Because this open-source platform helps businesses turn their path-breaking ideas into outstanding mobile applications and gives developers the immense opportunity to develop innovative Android applications. 

Well-known brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, Netflix, and many more companies invest heavily in Android app development. Let’s understand how businesses can benefit from the open-source platform – Android.

Businesses Taking Advantage of the Android Platform 

Businesses can create custom applications using the Android platform, personalize user experience, integrate third-party applications, distribute and promote applications on multiple channels, generate new revenue streams, and stay ahead of the competition. Other significant benefits are listed below:

1 Easy Deployment and Reduced Time to Market

Thanks to Kotlin and other faster development tools, Android applications can be developed in a short period with simplified third-party integrations. This gives businesses the advantage of the lower time to market launch with a low development cost. They can keep pace with market trends, improve productivity, stay ahead of the competition, better manage risk and governance.

2 Support from Google

Google provides robust support for Android developers to address bug fixes, improve data protection and resolve issues related to your mobile app development projects, etc., from Developer Support Resources. This allows your developers to create and deliver error-free applications for end-users.

3 Highly Scalable

Android is a versatile platform that enables developers to make highly scalable and feature-rich apps for end-users. Furthermore, Android apps are compliant with leading-edge technologies such as AR/VR, IoT, and Cloud, allowing apps to perform multiple functions on multiple devices. You can take advantage of this feature to build your enterprise applications and offer your customers an intuitive user experience in a cost-effective manner.

4 Enterprise-grade Security

A robust security system of Android makes your business applications safe and secure against vulnerability, malware, or viruses. The end-user-focused Android OS balances well between usability, privacy, and security for end-users, app developers, and businesses. You can create more secure apps with Android that enables you to encrypt your data, detect risky issues, and offer a safe experience to your customers.

5 Easy Customization

Android offers highly customizable options for businesses to build business-critical applications with diverse functionalities. Businesses can design custom mobile apps keeping pace with the brand identity, business models, app development needs, and daily operations. This improves customer experience with personalized UI,  custom functionality, and rapid, user-friendly modifications with readily available Android SDK. It makes it easy to implement the BYOD concept, enabling you to enhance communication and collaboration in your workforce. 

Interesting Android Facts You Must Know

This number has been rising over the years and will continue to grow ahead. So, there is no better time for businesses to get into the world of Android app development.

All About Android Application Developers

Considering the market scenario and business benefits, Android developers undoubtedly have a bright future ahead. They have lucrative opportunities to experiment and create innovative digital products around Android development for multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, watches, and TVs. 

Businesses can hire an  Android developer or a team of best Android developers to bring business ideas into reality and make innovative android applications. You can hire Android developers in-house or work with offshore Android app developers to succeed in the realm of app development. 

There are plenty of hiring options available when it comes to selecting suitable application developers for your Android app development projects. However, they all are quite confusing and time-consuming with prolonged hiring processes. 

To make your hiring process simple and swift, today, I am going to discuss the tips and simplified methods that you can follow to hire the right Android developer for your project needs in 2022. 

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Complete Guide To Hiring The Right Android App Developers

For large, complex, or long-term projects, businesses need to find and hire the right fit in order to improve work efficiency. They need to consider essential things before hiring someone in your team. So let’s understand the same. 

#1 Essential Technical Skills of Android App Developers

Building a mobile application requires mastery of fundamental skills and basic know-how of the Android platform. This helps businesses develop the app they are looking for with various user interface scenarios. Here’s the list of must-have technical skills of Android developers:

1 Proficiency in Programming Languages – Java, Kotlin or both

Developers need to be familiar with one of these two official Android development languages – either Java or Kotlin or both to develop Android applications. They must have knowledge of language structure and syntax, usage of JDK documentation in Java, and other concepts like loops, variables, object-oriented fundamentals.

2 Understanding of Android SDK Concepts

Android app developers should be good at using a pre-packed set of SDK (Software Development Kit) to integrate your apps with third-party resources and speed up your project development process. They also should be aware of a few concepts like action bars, user input, screen adaptability, data transfer, etc. 

3 Familiarity With Database Engines

To store the data of Android applications, developers need knowledge of database engines like SQLite, Room Database, Realm, and Firebase. They need to understand how databases work and how to sync their data in case users access apps in offline mode, using such solid database engines. 

4 Knowledge of Code Versioning Tools

Tools like Git, Github, Bitbucket are important for app developers because they allow developers to store the source code of each project. Developers can check the history of code – what has been done, what has been changed, which one is the latest version, etc. Furthermore, these tools make collaboration with other team members easy who are working on the same project. 

5 Understanding of XML

XML is a must-have technical skill for Android developers. Using this structured markup language, developers can transfer the data to multiple web-based locations and create solid layouts that serve as a solid foundation for Android app UI.

6 Well-versed With Development Tools

Knowledge of the full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for Google’s OS, such as Android Studio or IntelliJ IDEA, is a must for any developer. Android Studio supports all the programming languages, making it easier for developers to write error-free code faster. 

7 Vital Sense of Android Material Design

Each Android app should be aligned with the Android Material Design guidelines that cover the basic UI/UX principles, essential designing elements, interface guidelines, and best practices to consider before creating highly intuitive applications. That’s why Android app developers must have a foundational understanding of the Material Design component. 

8 Familiarity with RESTful APIs and Retrofit library for API calls

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a particular set of code, enabling data exchange with multiple computer programs. Developers have to perform API calls using open source libraries like Retrofit so that multiple web-based services can be accessed via applications. They have to work with various APIs to develop more interactive applications, and that’s why this is a must-have skill.

#2 Essential Android App Development Tools Used by Developers

Android development depends heavily on a number of various tools. To create better quality applications at scale and speed, Android programmers have to take advantage of the developers’ toolbox and Android development kit. These Android development tools help them write code faster, manage workloads efficiently, and improve productivity. 

With myriad options available in the market, it becomes challenging to select the best app development tools for businesses, especially when you want to get started with a new Android project in 2022. To simplify your selection process for the best Android development tool to use, here, I have compiled a list of the top 5 Android developer tools widely used globally and given the first preference. So, let’s check it out one by one. 

1 Android Studio

Launched in 2003 by Google, Android Studio is the official IDE to develop all types of Android applications. It encompasses everything that improves developers’ efficiency. It is free and has the support of Google as well as a large community of Android developers. Hence, it is the first preference for developers. 

It simplifies the entire Android app development process as it is equipped with the fastest tools and useful features such as intelligent code editor, Gradle-based flexible build support, visual editor to create a complex layout, built-in support for cloud platform, APK analyzer, ProGuard integration, and app-signing capabilities, Android-specific refactoring, and quick fixes and much more. Explore the tool here

2 AVD Manager

AVD stands for Android Virtual Device, and it is a configuration that defines multiple devices and their features such as screen sizes, versions, resolutions, etc. Using AVD, Android Emulator can install and run mobile apps. 

The AVD Manager is an interface, which a developer can launch from Android Studio to create and manage AVDs. You can launch AVD via Android Studio, Eclipse, or other IDEs by navigating to your SDK’s directory and executing android AVD. Developers can check the performance and responsiveness of Android apps using the AVD manager.

3 Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

As its name implies, ADB is a bridge of communication with multiple devices. It is one of the versatile tools that simplifies communication between devices, applications, and web services used during the entire development lifecycle. 

It facilitates numerous device actions such as application management on the device, file transfer, capturing screenshots, recording videos, Shell command execution to run multiple commands on a device. It is part of the Android SDK Platform – Tools package. 

4 Android SDK

Android SDK stands for Android Software Development Kit, a set of libraries and tools used to develop a vast number of applications quickly. It is compatible with all OS like Windows, Linux, and macOS. Its major components include the Android SDK Build tool, Android SDK Platform-tools, Android SDK Tools, and Android Emulator. 

#3 Roles and Responsibilities of Android App Developers

Android developers are responsible for building Android applications for multiple devices. Their duties may vary depending on the businesses and their project needs. However, their duties revolve around the design, development, testing, and submission of applications. For your new project in 2022, you need to finalize the essential duties in advance. Here is the list of the same:

  • To develop Android applications for multiple devices such as mobile apps, web apps, wearable devices, smart TV.
  • To work with cross-functional teams to design, develop, test, and ship apps with fewer bugs
  • To translate wireframes and prototypes into high-quality and clean code
  • To utilize as well as work different APIs and database sources
  • To perform a unit test and identify bugs to make apps error-free
  • To evaluate the performance of live apps and provide support to enhance performance
  • To help maintain code quality and app development guidelines
  • Discovering the latest technologies, tools and exploiting them to improve app UI/UX
#4 Process to Hire Dedicated Android App Developers

Hiring professional Android developers for a new project or any ongoing, complex, long-term project becomes a challenging task for businesses, despite the large global talent pool because it requires a lot of time and effort to find the perfect developer. 

Furthermore, a successful application depends on the perfect collaboration between application developers and businesses. Hence, businesses need to consider important details like knowledge, technical and non-technical skills, experience, etc. So, below is the simplified hiring process you can follow and save your time:

Step 1: Define Your Needs

First, outline your project requirements, tasks, and business needs. Based on these details, you can prepare a technical description of your project, such as the objective, type of apps, tools to be used, security, etc., which you can share with developers before or while interviewing them. 

Step 2: Determine the Type of Collaboration

You can develop mobile applications by finalizing the most suitable hiring and engagement models. You can either hire Android app developers and carry out in-house development for your project or outsource a team of developers. You need to select the most suitable collaboration model and hire Android app developers for your next project in 2022.

Step 3: Finding and Shortlisting Process

Find developers from various sources like hiring platforms, referrals, recruitment agencies, or outsourcing companies. Shortlist suitable candidates or outsourcing partners and verify their portfolio, reviews, and project-related expertise. Also, asking for a referral from your professional circle can help you find a suitable fit for your project in a shorter period.

Step 4: Conduct Interviews

Schedule technical interviews to ensure the shortlisted candidates have the required skills for the project. Before conducting the interview, you can make a list of questions, compare their responses, and verify what they have claimed. 

Step 5: Finalize and sign a Contract

Once you are satisfied with the candidates and their expertise, you can finalize the experts and sign a contract to get started. Later on, you can share your project details like goals, issues related to development, set time frames, meeting time, estimation, security issues, etc. 

While hiring Android developers from an outsourcing Android app development company, you can employ additional developers of your requirements in a short period and extend your existing team. You can take advantage of their comprehensive Android app development services. Also, you can hire an entire team of Android professionals such as project managers, designers, developers, QA  and continue your project development process further. In addition, you have the flexibility to hire the best Android app developers for a limited period – hourly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. 

#5 Important Tips To Consider When Hiring Android App Developers

Now that you know the process of hiring developers, which requires careful planning and in-depth research. Here are the most significant tips you need to consider when employing a perfect candidate for your project needs. 

  • Outline the Essential Skills and Tech Stack

    Be clear about your project requirements and figure out the must-have skills to complete your project on time. This helps you to narrow down the search related to a suitable fit. You can create a list of must-have skills and minimum requirements for any candidate. You can discuss the must-have skills in an interview, and based on the response, you can select the ideal one for your project.

  • Research Market

    To get the dedicated developer on board for your project, you need to spend a moment researching more about popular sourcing platforms and trustworthy outsourcing service providers. You can go through their websites, check their previous projects, verify the services they provide for a chosen technology stack, experience, read the case studies, client reviews, and then take the decision to hire Android developers from them.

  • Determine Your Hiring Model

    Be clear with the hiring model – whether you want to hire developers in-house or extend your team with the help of outsourcing agencies.

  • Discover Technologies Developers use

    Before employing anyone in your team, you need to narrow down the search for developers and discover technologies used by shortlisted candidates for previous projects. For outsourcing companies, you can discuss and verify the technology stack to complete the project.

  • Check Developers’ Testimonials, Other References, and Social Accounts

    Do not forget to check developers’ reviews, testimonials, and their presence on most-used platforms by developers like StackOverflow, GitHub, Reddit, LinkedIn. You can connect with them directly and share your project requirements.

  • Estimate your Budget

    This is one of the important things to consider when finding reasonable hiring services for your project needs. You can keep a budget in mind, i.e., what amount of money you are ready to spend for your project and have alternatives in hand accordingly. Also, do not ignore the location of service providers because the country will influence the rates of developers. You can ask for quotes from agencies, compare the hourly rates of potential candidates, and then carefully make decisions.

  • Consider Both Skill Sets – Technical and Non-technical Skills

    Remember to not ignore non-technical skills when hiring dedicated developers. Along with technical expertise, it is crucial to have communication skills, teamwork skills, problem-solving skills, and other soft skills required to perform a job.

  • Consider Speed and Flexibility

    Developers must be able to work smarter and crank up speed in Android development. Each step performed by developers must be performed and completed as quickly as possible to meet the project deadlines. And that’s why developers must be flexible enough to execute a sudden change in development or provide the project on time.

  • Ensure Whether They can Write Crisp and Clean Code

    Writing a crisp and clean code is of utmost importance to make communication clear with other team members working on the same project. It should be easy to read, understand, and easy to change or reusable by any team member because the code is written and modified overtime to keep up with the latest Android application development updates and project needs.

  • Make Sure Developers have Portfolios to Showcase Their Work Experience

    A potential candidate must have a work portfolio to showcase their skills, knowledge, and experience working on similar projects. You can ask him or outsourcing agencies to share projects done by them and a list of issues resolved by them while working on challenging projects. This will help you identify and find a highly deserving candidate for your project.

To Summarize,

Technical hiring is considered one of the most challenging tasks for businesses, as it requires careful planning, research, time, and efforts to analyze and verify certain things. I hope you have all the essential information on how to hire dedicated developers or the best team of Android developers for your next project and will be able to create great applications in 2022.

You just need to combine essential aspects of your project and make the right decision. I hope you will do the same, and you will be successful in hiring talented, knowledgeable, passionate, and the best fit for your project in 2022. If you have any additional questions, feel free to connect with our experts. We have assisted 100+ businesses of all sizes to extend their team and supported them to develop feature-rich, secure Android applications.

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