The software development landscape is continuously changing the business world for the better. Today, enterprises have an array of programming languages to choose from, including Golang. 

If you are planning to launch complex web applications, this platform is your best bet. However, the real challenge is to identify developers who have the potential to satisfy your unique business requirements. 

Since Golang is relatively new, there is a limited pool of experienced developers across the globe. Recruiting becomes even more difficult if you are looking for senior developers. Not to worry, we bring you this informative blog that will help you overcome hiring challenges and choose developers of your choice in a hassle-free way.

What’s New in Golang? Why Should You Consider it for Your Enterprise App Development?

The recent Golang 1.19 rollout has successfully refined and improved the Golang 1.18 release. A new set of modifications and performance improvements have been made to address potential issues. The release highlights massive changes across the implementation of the toolchain, runtime, and libraries. 

Golang can align with the memory model used by Swift, Rust, Java, C, C++, and JavaScript. Its sync/atomic package is updated with new types. Go doc comments have enabled support for lists, links, and clearer headings. To get detailed information about other breakthroughs, you can check out the Go 1.19 release notes

These advancements and additions are designed to accelerate your enterprise app development. The Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022 states that 11.83% of developers worldwide prefer using Golang over other programming languages. Because it supports cross-platform development and consists of built-in testing frameworks to support the process. Besides, web development using Golang helps you achieve cloud-native abilities in the easiest way possible. 

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Who is a Golang Developer?

A software professional who writes code using the Go programming language is known as a Golang developer. Typically, they are backend architects, cloud engineers, or DevOps specialists with good knowledge of Golang.

They focus on building high-quality applications, web pages, and software products. Their primary objective is to create, optimize, and scale digital products with the help of a full suite of Golang development tools and common frameworks. 

What does a Golang developer do?

Here’re some basic roles and responsibilities of a Go lang developer to give you a better idea. 

  • Write clear, efficient, and easily maintainable code. Follow the best development protocols, practices, and principles for the same. 
  • Translate project requirements into stable, practical, performant software solutions.
  • Aggregate technology expertise and execute AWS containers to support potential Golang implementations and repository maintenance. 
  • Drive design decisions to build an efficient microservices-based distributed architecture. 
  • Exploit Kubernetes to enable successful app development and launch. Utilize Docker for small-scale apps that need basic deployments.
  • Develop backend components and connect apps to other web services. Optimize performance without compromising security and base functionality.
  • Collaborate with other team members to ensure smooth and consistent DevOps workflows.
  • Test, detect, and debug errors or any other vulnerabilities in real, controlled situations. 
  • Manage project specifications with appropriate logic and reasoning. Regulate an operational environment that offers the best runtime.
  • Research the latest technology trends. Incorporate feedback whenever necessary. Propose alternative solutions to improve and upgrade deliverables.

Why Should Business Owners Have a Golang Developer in Their Development Team?

As a business owner, you must consider employing the best Go developers for your app creation. This will help you develop highly scalable apps and deliver seamless user experiences. Your company will be able to explore multiple web or mobile app development frameworks to create apps in accordance with recent technologies and modern databases. 

Golang experts align your projects with the best DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices to automate tasks and augment CI/CD process. You can successfully combine the abilities of frontend and backend technologies to create a result-driven, full-stack development environment. 

Moreover, the developers can help you deploy lightweight command-line tools and extend cross-compilation support for all your app development requirements.  

Top 12 Skills Your Golang Developers Should Possess in 2023

After knowing the importance, it’s time to understand some prerequisites to choose the best Golang developers. While considering these imperatives will help you make the right pick, avoiding them might put your project at risk. 

1 Basic and Advanced Golang Concepts

Your chosen developers should have complete clarity of the basic Golang programming concepts that include variables, functions, types, and control structures. They should have sound knowledge of Golang’s arrays, slices, and maps. Besides, a solid understanding of core features such as interfaces, pointers, and structs and how they offer modularity is also necessary. 

2 Programming Essentials 

Know-how of Golang is a must, but make sure that the developers or the development team you select have a good command over other programming languages like Python, Java, C++, Bash, etc. The developers should have a good understanding of JavaScript and ES6 along with prior experience in multithreading programming. 

3 Golang Standard Library and Packages 

The Golang standard library consists of an array of packages, including Archive and Compression Packages, Bytes and String-Related Packages, Miscellaneous Packages, Networking Packages, Collection Packages, and more that provide wide-ranging functionalities. Analyze whether your selected developers are well-aware of these significant packages.  

4 Testing Ability

You need to select Golang developers who have hands-on expertise in utilizing Golang’s built-in support for unit testing. A good understanding of how benchmarking tests are written in conjunction with unit tests proves beneficial. They should be able to take full advantage of the go test command, naming conventions, and testing package to write and execute tests quickly and efficiently.

5 Cloud Computing Technologies 

Ensure that you choose developers after evaluating their proficiency in data structures. They must have experience in handling tasks that demand the involvement of Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) tools like Terraform, Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, etc. You also need to consider their understanding of database-related technologies like AWS, Azure, and SQL/NoSQL before hiring.

6 RESTful APIs

The developers should have good know-how in building RESTful APIs. Their area of expertise must include working with JSON. They should have the potential to encode and decode JSON. They should know the key differences between Golang and JavaScript data types to create JSON REST APIs. Knowledge of REST endpoint creation that can handle HTTP requests like DELETE, PUT, GET, and POST is also important.

7 Golang Frameworks

Frameworks are designed to minimize the time required for the creation of large-scale production-level apps via troubleshooting and coding assistance. They remove the need to write full-fledged code. As such, it becomes imperative to employ developers who have experience using some of the most popular Golang frameworks, such as Kit, Beego, Echo, Gin, Gorilla, Revel, and Fast HTTP, among others.

8 Goroutines

One of the most important Golang developer skills to not miss out on while hiring is building performant, concurrent applications. However, this is only possible when you choose developers that are familiar with Goroutines and how they can be used to achieve expected outcomes. Concretely, they should know the fundamentals of initiating and synchronizing Goroutines.

9 Golang Channel Patterns 

Your target Golang developers should be well-informed about the different Go channel types – buffered and unbuffered. They should know how to implement the most effective concurrency patterns like condition variables and producer-consumer queues. Their technical skills should definitely include the deployment of common channel patterns such as load balancers, pipelines, fan-out, fan-in, rate limiters, etc.

10 Godoc Comments 

Another important thing to consider before making a pick is familiarity with Golang’s built-in documentation tool – Godoc. The developers should be well-versed in the versatility of Godoc commenting features. They should know how Godoc parses comments, including package-level commenting. Their expertise should include formatting the rules used by Godoc when converting comments to HTML.

11 Golang Templates

Golang templates are nothing but a simple template language used to customize outputs into multiple forms that include emails, web pages, etc. Basically, there are two types of operating packages, HTML/template and text/template, which use the same interface, but their functions vary. The developers you choose should have good command over these templates. They should have a brief idea about verifying and implementing templates, parsing templates from files, and Go template syntax. 

12 Versioning Tools

Version control competence is of utmost importance for developers working with a contemporary programming language like Golang. Ensure that the developers have experience using the most preferred version control tools and technologies like SVN, Mercurial, Git, etc. They should know how these tools manage codebase changes, provide efficiency, and maximize coding transparency.

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How to Find and Onboard a Golang Developer in Your Team

Now that you know what your chosen Golang developers should bring to the table, let’s move forward to identifying the potential hiring resources to help you select the right ones for your project. 

Indeed, you can look for freelancers or have an in-house development team with a job post on online job platforms. You can also consider other resources such as reviews and recommendations, attending events (technology conferences, hackathons, etc.), Q&A sites, open-source coding platforms, technology blogs, and popular tech universities.

Though the most competent way to bring the best talent on board is by outsourcing your requirements or partnering with a software development company that can help you augment your team with experts. With this, you get the privilege to employ a go developer or team in easy ways, as mentioned below: 

Step 1: Requirement Gathering

The concerned professionals and analysts will understand your project requirements to optimize the resources needed to fulfill them.

Step 2: Shortlisting Candidates

The developers or a development team will be shortlisted after doing thorough research that focuses on validating the above-mentioned things along with the industry experience and work portfolio.

Step 3: Scheduling Interview 

Interviews are scheduled with the shortlisted candidates. You can assess and choose the ones that best suit your project criteria and budget.  

Step 4: Choosing an Engagement Model

You can either go for an onsite model and hire the required talent at your location or choose an offsite engagement model that can lead your project from a development center, irrespective of your location.

Step 5: Finalize the Terms

Selecting the Retainer model will help you hire Golang professionals part-time or full-time. However, if you are well aware of your project scope and duration, you can employ a dedicated team on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis and finalize important terms. 

Step 6: Onboarding 

After finalizing the hiring and pricing model, you can start onboarding the developers or a dedicated Go development team by providing them with the required resources and infrastructure.

How Much Does it Cost to Onboard Golang Developers?

The answer to this question totally depends on your project requirements. You need to be clear about your key objectives, end goals, and expected outcomes. Properly define the app type you want to build along with your target audience. Make sure you have prepared the list of resources needed to satisfy each development stage beforehand.  

Experience, work portfolio, and geographic location are some of the key aspects that you should definitely consider while planning your budget. The cost distribution also depends on your project size and set timeline to achieve desired delivery. 

Keeping all this in mind, you need to find out whether you want an on-demand one-time service, a contract-based support model, or a long-term dedicated partnership. This will help you employ the best Golang developers in India and make the most out of available resources. 

How can Mobisoft Help?

Partnering with Mobisoft will help you hire Golang developers within budget and start your app development project right away. Be it a startup or an established enterprise, we are committed to extending our support to those looking for end-to-end Golang development consulting.   

As a leading software development company, we are driven by the best talent and technology resources to build world-class digital products and solutions. Our experienced team of app architects, software engineers, and business professionals is committed to delivering nothing but the best. 

Be it custom development, support or maintenance, UI/UX development, migration, and upgradation of your app, our experts never compromise on quality. Altogether, we provide future-ready solutions to help you meet the evolving market demands head-on.


Choosing Golang for your application development will take your business to the next level. Many companies are already using this programming language to expand their reach and get global exposure. You can employ vetted Golang developers or a team to fulfill your technical requirements and launch innovative software solutions. Just make sure you align with the right software development company that understands your project requirements and helps you meet desired objectives by all means.

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