Just Came across an innovative product which is overcoming the Developers limitation on iPhone application development in Xcode.

Ever Imagined testing GPS and Accelerometer feature for iPhone application even for minor changes in your application, you are left with no other option than to test on Device itself.You cannot test it on the iPhone Simulator.

Here comes iSimulate from vimov to your rescue. It is a useful utility for developers to test their applications which employ GPS and Accelerometer on the iPhone Simulator. Lots of time saved between installs right!!

iSimulate is an application which you download and install on your device to send Accelerometer and GPS details to the app running on the iPhone Simulator. The app must of course embed the iSimulate library to be able to receive those details. All it takes to install the iSimulate app on your device, embed the library in your application and start using it.

The newer releases of iSimulate even support video streaming. You can actually see the game or app on your iPhone or iPodTouch even though it’s running on the iPhone Simulator. This enables you to provide very accurate touches to the Simulator. This is a giant leap forward from it’s first days where you had screen filled with Accelerometer graph to simulate touches!!

But iSimulate is no exception for limitations:
Due to technical restrictions, iSimulate does not send touch events for the following UIKit objects (as well as any object based on them): Keyboard, UIScrollView (including MKMapView), UIPickerView and UITableView. All of the other UIKit objects receive all touch events. There are no limitations on OpenGL-based applications.

Still the advantage it has overrides the limitation that you no longer have to repeatedly install applications on provisioned devices for every little change, which will save you considerable time. Installing a 20MB application on a provisioned device takes about 36 seconds, while it takes only 6 seconds to run it on the iPhone Simulator.

It might just save enough Development time depending on the application!!

FAQs : http://www.vimov.com/isimulate/faq/