You may have observed that if you want to download any random application on your Smart-phone, what you first look for is the App Icon of the application, if you like it then you start downloading the application. You may have seen that there are

lots of similar applications in market. Lots of effort and time is invested to make an application, but it is only recognized only by its App Icon, which convinces the customer that it is the best application.

To be a successful application it is important to make an outstanding App Icon. Designing an App Icon is delicate art. Here are some tips for designing App Icon.

Use of text on App Icon

We will look at this point from the perspective of target audience.

Don’t include text on App icon which are made for kids. Kids are not that much interested to read text on App Icon and decide whether is it right for them or not. Kids get attracted to graphics and illustration. If you create App Icon with strong graphic, kids will definitely download that application.

Now will look at other type of target audience Professors, Doctors etc. These people belong in serious profession, they like to see professional designs. For this type of customers you can use a company logo or company name, if that is small enough to situate on 75 x 75 pixels App Icon. BBC News is one of the good examples of using text on App Icon. It shows standard with professional look.You can use text on App Icon for professional look, just take care of the text you are using on App Icon. Don’t make it too small that customer will have problem to read it and lose interest to download the applications.

Native Gloss Effect

To give uniformity App store give option to add gloss effect to App Icon. Try to avoid Apple’s native gloss effect to App Icon. Discuss with developer before submitting App Icon on App store, try so remove the glossy effect or if not possible keep low opacity.

Play with the shade light, color tones, depth and glossy effect your own way. Sometime because of the native gloss effect, the efforts you take for App Icon are ruined.


With use of single word or single graphic your App Icon can represent the application. By using initial word from company name or using symbol from company logo can create identity as a company’s application. Don’t include so much graphic shapes that will effect on significance of your application.

Consider the App Icon in 75 x 75 pixels don’t waste space for pointless objects. From designing view in this size, keeping single object or clean shape will clearly present the purpose of the application.

Think out of box

To be a successful application you have to stand out from the crowd. Application must have its own identity. To attract customer, App Icon must be that much influential to get noticed by future customers. So think out of the App Icon cube.

Don’t make confusion between simple, clean icon style and detail work icon style. If your application requires conceptual theme App Icon don’t consider clean and simple style. For any exciting application you can create distinctive icon which will make customer eager to download the application.