SEI-TEK™, Inc. introduces new tablet for seniors with a Kickstarter campaign launching today


Charlotte, NC- December 3, 2013 – SEI-TEK™ Inc, partnered with Mobisoft Infotech, a top app and system developer, will launch a funding campaign for their innovative new tablet, Savi™ on Kickstarter today. Kickstarter allows every-day consumers to fund creative and technological projects. Together, backers and creators bring these innovative projects to life.

Based on research, interviews and focus groups, the Savi™ tablet’s design will accommodate the specific needs of seniors. Laurie Orlov, a leading expert on seniors and technology and founder of industry analyst firm Aging in Place Technology Watch, observes: “Technology offerings like the Savi™  Tablet are needed to help bridge the widening digital divide that threatens to isolate older adults.” She notes: “Tablet popularity is accelerating, but seniors may be left behind.” The Savi™ tablet will include the top applications seniors want, offering a simplified, consistent look and feel. Minimal icons in a large format are presented on the touch screen, with a high contrast color schemes and senior friendly fonts that deliver an easy-to-use interface.

“Seniors often feel isolated from friends and family,” said Stan Ciepcielinski, founder of SEI-TEK™ and the inventor of Savi™. “Simple, easy, intuitive technology is our mission. We believe technology should be accessible to people of all ages. That’s why SEI-TEK™ Inc. develops solutions that help seniors and technologically wary individuals stay connected.”

SEI-TEK™’s vision is to create a community of users that will benefit from relevant content and services that interest seniors. The Savi tablet will eventually be able to monitor biometrics such as blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing and include safety applications for home security.

Commenting on the partnership Shail Sinhasane, Founder and President of Mobisoft stated “Mobisoft Infotech is proud to be associated with the Savi™ tablet and help build an economy around it within a specific consumer base.  Our team is excited about the future integration of applications such as health monitoring and security solutions for a better engagement with seniors. And we are also excited about working with other developers as they join the community. “

To learn more or see the Savi™ video, go to and search for “Savi™ Tablet” or to www.SEI-TEK™.com.

SEI-TEK™ Inc. is a Charlotte, North Carolina based company that provides seniors and technology wary individuals with products that address their overlooked and unique needs. Since its inception, SEI-TEK™ Inc. has worked to enhance the quality of life and communication for all people as they age. For more information on SEI-TEK™ Inc., please call (704)301-7609 or visit

Mobisoft Infotech is an award-winning company based out of Houston, Texas, USA.  Mobisoft works on all major platforms with special emphasis on iOS and Android app development and has built more than 250 mobility projects.. For more information on Mobisoft Infotech, please call (855-572-2777) or visit

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Stan Ciepcielinski

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