So you’ve programmed your iOS app and it’s all ready to get uploaded and submitted to the App Store. Is the process easy? Not exactly. Yes it is easy if you follow the rules to the T, but during the wrapping up of a project things tend to get done in a hurry and certain details are neglected thus causing the app to get rejected.

Prepare your App Store submission by ensuring that you have included the following

Company Name

If not already specified in iTunes Connect (A suite of web-based tools created for developers to submit and manage their apps for sale in the App Store or the Mac App Store) It can be specified only once, so please provide one with accurate spelling, capitalization, spacing and punctuation as it can’t be changed later.

icon_1Create New App


App Name

As it will appear on the App Store, up to 255 bytes. Your app name should be unique – you can’t use the same name as another app on the App Store. Ensure that you finalize on the name as it cannot be changed after final approval.

Primary Language

If localized app information isn’t available in an App Store territory, the information from your primary language will be used instead.It can be edited at any time to other languages for which you’ve provided localized metadata.

Bundle ID

The bundle ID must match the one you used in Xcode. It can’t be changed after you submit your first build. Can’t be edited after the app is approved.

Version Number

The App version. Numbering should follow typical software versioning conventions (for example, 1.0 or 1.0.1 or 1.1).


A unique ID for your app that is not visible on the App Store. You can use letters, numbers, hyphens, periods, and underscores. Use a value that is meaningful to your organization.

icon_2Version Info


app-version-info 2


Includes all the important details of your app. Currently the maximum app description length is 4000 characters. Keep all important information in the first 2-3 line of app’s description for ASO (App Store Optimization) purposes. The app description can be edited at any time.


One or more keywords that describe your app. You can’t edit your keywords once your app is live.

Support URL

A URL with support information for your app. This URL will be visible on the App Store.


A URL with marketing information about your app. This URL will be visible on the App Store.

Privacy Policy URL

A URL that links to your organization’s privacy policy. Privacy policies are required for apps that are Made for Kids or offer auto-renewable In-App Purchases or free subscriptions. They are also required for apps with account registration, apps that access a user’s existing account, or as otherwise required by law. Privacy policies are recommended for apps that collect user- or device-related data. (If your application supports Login, then it is compulsory)

icon_3Also check for the following statistics

App Video Preview

(Format M4V, MP4, or MOV Max size 500 MB) An app preview is an optional short video demonstrating your app. Your app may have one app preview per device.

You can add Min 1 and Max 5 screenshot for each device.
screenshot ones application is live. Screenshot should be 72 dpi, RGB, flattened, no transparency. Screenshot cannot be changed once application is live.

iPhone 6 Plus

1242 x 2208 pixels for portrait
2208 x 1242 pixels for landscape

iPhone 5

640 x 1136 pixels for portrait
1136 x 600 pixels for landscape


768 x 1024 pixels for portrait
1024 x 768 pixels for landscape


2048 x 1536 pixels for landscape
1536 x 2048 pixels for portrait

iPhone 6

750 x 1334 pixels for portrait
1334 x 750 pixels for landscape

iPhone 4s

640 x 960 pixels for portrait
960 x 640 pixels for landscape

icon_4General App Information


App Icon

(Size: 1024*1024) This icon will be used on the App Store and must be in the JPG or PNG format, with a minimum resolution of at least 72 DPI, and in the RGB color space. It must not contain layers or rounded corners.

Primary Category

Select any one of the categories your app falls under: Book, Business, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Games, Health Care and Fitness, Lifestyle, Medical, Music, Navigation, News, Photography, Productivity, Reference, Social Networking, Sports, Travel, Utilities, Weather.

Secondary Category (optional)

Select one of: Book, Business, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Games, Health Care and Fitness, Lifestyle, Medical, Music, Navigation, News, Photography, Productivity, Reference, Social Networking, Sports, Travel, Utilities, Weather.

App Rating

For each content description, select the level of frequency that best describes your app. Apps must not contain any obscene, pornographic, offensive, or defamatory or materials of any kind (text, graphics, images, photographs, and so on), or other content or materials that in Apple’s reasonable judgement may be found objectionable.

Specify from three options :
A) None B) Infrequent/Mild C) Frequent/Intense

  • Cartoon or Fantasy Violence:
  • Realistic Violence:
  • Prolonged Graphic or Sadistic Realistic Violence: (Must be NONE else app cannot be submitted)
  • Profanity or Crude Humor:
  • Mature/Suggestive Themes:
  • Horror/Fear Themes:
  • Medical/Treatment Information:
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References:
  • Simulated Gambling:
  • Sexual Content or Nudity:
  • Graphic Sexual Content and Nudity: (Must be NONE else app cannot be submitted)
  • Unrestricted Web Access: (YES/NO)
  • Gambling and Contests:(YES/NO)

License Agreement

Apply Apple’s standard end user license agreement (EULA) to all territories
Apply a custom EULA to all chosen territories. If you don’t choose all territories, Apple’s standard EULA will apply to all remaining ones. Custom EULAs must meet Apple’s minimum terms.


The name of the person or entity that owns the exclusive rights to the app, preceded by the year the rights were obtained (for example, “2008 Acme Inc.”).

Trade Representative Contact Information

You can provide additional information that will be displayed with your app on the Korean App Store. This information will only appear on the Korean App Store.

Routing App Coverage File

(optional)These files specify the geographic regions supported by your app. They must be in the .geojson file format and can only contain one multipolygon element.

icon_5App Review Information


Contact Information

The person in your organization who should be contacted if the App Review team has any questions or needs additional information.

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:

Notes (optional)

Additional information about your app that can help during the review process. Include information that may be needed to test your app, such as app-specific settings and test registration or account details.

Demo Account Information

The username and password for a full-access account. This account is used during the app review process and must not expire. Details for additional accounts should be included in the Review Notes field.



Version Release

This app version can be automatically released right after it has been approved by App Review. You can also manually release it at a later date on the iTunes Connect website or in iTunes Connect for iOS.
Automatically release this version
Manually release this version

In-App Purchase

If your app has In-App Purchase product select it else it will not get review.



Please Select one from the defined tiers.


Discount for Educational Institutions

Yes/ No

Available in specific countries / or Worldwide

By default, your app will be for sale in all app stores worldwide.

Select uploaded Binary

Once you have filled all the above information. submit app to app store using Xcode. After app is submitted it will appear in itunes connect build section select it and click submit for review.

When you upload your build, it will be available under pre-release tab as processing. It usually takes 10-15 mins to complete processing after processing is complete it become available under build section.

iOS app binary files can be max 2GB but the executable file ( cannot exceed 60 MB. Over-the-air downloads limit is 100 MB


Once you submit app for review it will ask for following information

Export Compliance

If needed, upload encryption authorization documents.Because all apps are loaded on Apple servers in the United States, all apps are subject to U.S. export laws. See Cryptography and U.S. Export Compliance for more details about this step.

Select Yes even if your app is using the encryption available in iOS.


Content Rights

Indicate whether the app has added third-party content. If you answer yes, you are asked to confirm that you have permission to use the third-party content in each territory in which the app will be available. It’s your responsibility to determine and follow regulations that apply in each territory.


Advertising Identifier (IDFA)

Indicate whether your app uses the Advertising Identifier, and if so, in what way. See The Advertising Identifier (IDFA) for more details about this step. choose from following

  • To serve advertisements within the app
  • To attribute this app installation to a previously served advertisement
  • To attribute an action taken within this app to a previously served advertisement
  • If you declare access to the IDFA, you must also agree your application accept user’s Limit Ad Tracking setting in iOS.
  • If you checked No but apple review team determine your app does use IDFA, your app will be rejected.


Once done click submit . You app will be in waiting for review status. It take around 10-15 working days for App to go live for 1st version.


One of the top reasons for rejection is that developers don’t provide enough information such as contact information and details for demo accounts. Inaccurate app descriptions, buggy apps, violations of terms and conditions and substandard interfaces also count as common reasons for app rejection.

1. Enter relevant meta data about your app. ex your app description should relate to what you app does. Make sure to explain all feature of app. If your application is needed to use in certain manner make a point to explain that too.
2. Make a point to add Notes for apple review team for In-app purchase flow as well as for certain condition to use app.
3.  Follow the UI guideline while building app.
4.  Give correct rating to app.
5.  Comply with all terms in the developer agreement. Read the Developer Program License Agreement You can find it in iTunes Connect under Contracts, Tax and Banking.
6.  If your App uses Encryption make sure to select YES even if it is present in iOS.
7.  If your App uses third party content make sure you select YES and have copyright for the same.
8.  If your App uses IDFA make sure you select appropriate options.
9.  Read Apple review guideline
10.  Apps that Crash or are frequently buggy are rejected.

Apple has published its Top 10 reasons for app rejection for November, 2014. Do check: