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Providing a secure and scalable mobile app development services to accelerate your business outcomes.

Reinvent Business Operations By Driving Digitization with Our Mobile Application Development Services

A set of mobile app development services ranging from ideation, management to app maintenance, designed to adapt your business requirements.

Strategic Consulting

Our team will provide you with the right advice from ideation, product discovery to a roadmap for successful app development.

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UI/UX Services

Our systematic approach to design creative, intuitive, and engaging UI/UX of the app will facilitate world-class experience to users.

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Android App Development

We help you to develop an app using Java and the Kotlin programming language, which is compatible with all android devices.

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iOS App Development

We help you to develop a custom iOS app - complying with Apple coding guidelines, and compatible with all iPhone devices.

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Cross-Platform Development

We have expertise in creating cross-platform and hybrid mobile applications for both the platforms - iOS and Android from a single code.

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Mobile App Back-end Development

Our experts will help you to build a scalable backend for any mobile applications, emphasizing security, and performance standards.

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Automated Mobile App Testing Services

We provide quality testing services from functionalities, securities, usability, accessibility, and deployment.

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Application Management and Maintenance

We help you to identify and meet the ongoing operational requirements ranging from troubleshooting, version updates, debugging, and maintenance.

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Enterprise Mobility Services

We help you to integrate a system that connects your people, processes, and devices to increase operational efficiency.

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Application Modernization Services

We help you to modernize your outdated applications with upgraded features and the latest technology stack.

Digital Transformation Process To Turn Your Ideas into Action

Our entire mobile app development lifecycle aligned to meet the timelines and with a focus on accelerating change by employing a combination of approaches.

Ideation and Product Discovery

It all starts with a feasible idea that solves a genuine problem and meets the target audience's demand, followed by the requirement gathering to turn an idea into a product.

Strategy and Planning

Strategizing and preparing a product roadmap includes prioritizing the requirements, timeframe, technology stack, resource allocation, and grouping them for deliveries.

UI/UX Designing

This step includes the multiple aspects of user experience and user interfaces of the app, such as app architecture, wireframe, style guide, and prototype.


After designing an app, it’s time to move ahead for the coding and programming phase as per prioritized requirements. This step includes the proper usage of the technology stack and tools to develop an app.

Testing and QA

To make an app error-free, it is important to do a quality analysis of an app that includes various testing like functionality, usability, device compatibility, and performance capabilities.

Launch and Deployment

As the application is ready to launch, it’s time to deploy it on the web server first, then on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This also includes meeting specific guidelines of the respective app store.


Maintaining an app after submitting to the app store for any crashes, performance issues, and analytics for further improvements, if needed.

Digitize Your Business Operations With Mobisoft

Develop Impeccable Mobile Apps and Drive Digital Transformation Through our Mobile App Development Services

Technology & Tools

Being a top-notch mobile software development company, we use the latest technology stack and tools to develop a high-end functionality mobile app.

  • Server:J2EE, GoLang, .Net, Node JS
  • Frontend:Angular, React, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Open Source Platforms:Magento, OpenCart, Wordpress
  • Database:MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, SQLite, MongoDB, AWS DynamoDB, Google FireStore, Azure CosmosDB
  • Web Services:REST, GraphQL, gRPC, SOAP
  • Strategy & Consulting, Cloud Migration, Cloud Managed Services, Optimization
  • Environments:AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean
  • MBaaS:Firebase
  • Multi-cloud serverless architecture
  • SaaS implementation and integration
  • Deployment Automation
  • Continuous integration & Configuration Management
  • CICD:Maven, Jenkins, ANT, Gradle
  • Configuration Management:CHEF, Puppet, ANSIBLE
  • Design Research, UX / UI Design, Wireframes, Usability Testing & Audit, Re-designing
  • Form Factors:iPhone, Android, Tablet, Desktop, TV, Smart Watch
  • Tools:Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, inVision, Axure, Justinmind
  • Manual and Automation Testing for mobile and web application
  • Platforms:iOS, Android, Web
  • Unit Testing:JUnit, TestNG, NUnit
  • Automation Testing:Selenium, Appium, Espresso, XCTest
  • Load Testing:Apache JMeter
  • Others:Security, Usability, Performance testing
  • IoT Consulting, Device integration, and management, IoT Enabled app development
  • Tools and Frameworks Experience: AWS IoT SDK, Azure IoT, ARTIK
  • Devices:Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Car Infotainment, etc
  • Security Consulting, assessment and implementation
  • Security Assessment:Mobile, Web, Cloud ( Server ), Code Audit, Security Audit
  • Proactive Monitoring:Bug Fixing, continuous vulnerability assessment
  • App Security Maturity:Compliance Management
  • Others:HIPAA compliance
  • Consulting, Analytics integration and Implementation
  • Data Exploration, Modeling and Visualization
  • Platforms:Google Analytics, Mixpanel, AWS RedShift, AWS Athena, Google BigQuery, Hive

Our Mobile Application Development Expertise Across Industries

We build mobile apps for every industry, considering B2B as well as B2C use cases. We have developed numerous apps for the following niches.


Helping healthcare organizations to digitize their clinical operations and processes with our healthcare apps and software.

Healthcare App Solutions By Mobisoft Infotech


Connecting suppliers and service providers to their consumers through our customized on-demand applications for businesses.

On Demand App Solutions By Mobisoft Infotech

Enterprise Mobility

Helping businesses to engage people, processes, and technology on a single platform with our futuristic applications and software.

Enterprise App Solutions By Mobisoft Infotech

Retail and E-Commerce

Accelerating path towards digital transformation for retailers and e-commerce companies through our user-friendly e-commerce mobile apps.

  • In-store Apps
  • Online Retail Apps
  • Product Catalog Apps
  • Store Finder Apps
  • AR-based Apps
  • Others
Retail & Ecommerce App Solutions By Mobisoft Infotech

Social and Communication

Bringing communities together and helping businesses to reach their customers directly by our social networking apps.

Social App Solutions By Mobisoft Infotech


Making available education on a digital platform through our interactive and easy to use educational apps and software.

  • Microlearning Apps
  • Video-based Learning Apps
  • Training AppsApps
  • AR/VR Based Interactive Learning Apps
  • Others
Mobile Learning App Solutions By Mobisoft Infotech

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Our Other Digital Capabilities to Develop Custom Mobile Apps

Delivering the best user-friendly mobile apps linked with advanced technologies. Driving mobile app personalization realizing the evolving consumer needs.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Helping our clients to understand user engagement and behavior patterns through developing AI and machine learning-driven mobile applications.


Helping our clients to increase user engagement and accelerate sales by adding AR or VR or MR features in mobile apps.

Cloud Computing

Helping our clients to accelerate endless opportunities in mobile app development through the cloud computing platform.

Internet of Things

Helping our clients to build IoT-based mobile applications to enhance their business productivity and customer experience.


Helping our clients to maintain transparency in transactions by integrating blockchain technology in mobile apps.

Explore Our Work

We have transformed many unique ideas into apps for various industries with our custom mobile app development services.

Patients We Share

Transformative healthcare network built on open communication and collaboration.


Transforming HVAC service delivery with technology.

Video Credit:HWisel

Khushi Baby

mHealth and wearable health integration for social impact.

Video Credit:Khushi Baby


Enabling remote patient care with a robust telehealth app platform.

Video Credit: Michael Cole


Mobile app enabled diagnosis solution using programmable bio-nano-chip (p-BNC) technology.

Video Credit: McDevitt Lab NYU

Why Choose us?

With a vision of driving digital transformation across the world, we, a leading mobile app development agency based in the USA and India, have always emphasized on developing creative, innovative, secure, and user-friendly mobile apps for businesses, from diversified sectors for a decade. We will help you to develop an impeccable mobile app as per your requirements.

We have a decade of experience in developing mobile apps. Our in-house team of developers, designers, and project managers have delivered the most challenging mobile app development projects. Furthermore, we also stay transparent about communicating with our clients over chat, email, voice, or video calls during the development.

  • 350+Apps Launched
  • 200+In-house Team
  • 10+ Years Experience
  • 150+Clientele
Khushi Baby With Mobisoft CEO Shailendra Sinhasane Winning the Johnson and Johnson GenH Challenge