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Why Us For Healthcare Technology Development?

Our deep domain expertise, an expert team of healthcare software developers and a rapidly growing healthcare client base makes us an ideal healthcare technology partner.

Patient-Centric Approach

Our healthcare software development and design team follow a very patient-centric approach to healthcare technology development.

EHR Integration Expertise

Hands-on experience in working with complicated EHR systems like Epic and Cerner and the various implementation methods.

HIPAA Certified Engineers

A certified and trained team of healthcare software developers on HIPAA security to build fully compliant healthcare apps and software solutions.

Startup Accelerators

Tight partnerships with healthcare technology development accelerators like TMCx and JLabs for faster product launches.

Care for Knowledge

We truly care about healthcare terminology and data as it is key to true interoperability between systems and integrating data.

Domain Expertise

8+ years expertise in delivering custom healthcare IT solutions and medical software development services for clients.

Robust Client Base

We have already shipped 25+ custom healthcare mobility solutions for a diversified client base that includes startups and enterprises.

Micro venture Partnerships

We offer our startup partners the opportunity for a micro venture partnership to share the risks and build greater trust.

Digital Healthcare Partner For Every Stakeholder

We cater to the diversified and demanding technology needs of all the major players in the healthcare industry with a comprehensive suite of services.

healthcare software development for startups by mobisoft infotech

Healthcare Startups

We provide startup-as-a-service for healthcare technology startups to build and support innovative healthcare mobile apps, connected medical devices, telehealth solutions and so much more. Our partnership with healthcare ventures strives to create meaningful product experiences to deliver the best patient care.

Our strengths as a healthcare startup partner:

  • Close association with startups accelerators like TMCx, JLabs
  • HIPAA compliant software development
  • Development solutions for Apple’s healthcare-focused platforms (CareKit, HealthKit, and ResearchKit)
  • Solutions for other major platforms (Google Fit, Samsung Health)
  • Cloud platform expertise - Microsoft Azure, AWS
  • End-to-end Cerner integrations
  • FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) based integrations
  • Microventure partnerships
  • Strong startup clientele
  • Dedicated development and delivery model for healthcare tech development
medical software development for healthcare providers by mobisoft infotech

Healthcare Providers

As one of the top custom healthcare IT companies in India, we enable healthcare providers to create unique mobile-centric user experiences for their patients and digitally close the gap between what’s being delivered and patients’ increasing expectations in this digital, on-demand era.

Our key strengths as a healthcare provider technology partner:

  • Digital healthcare strategy and consulting
  • End-to-end Epic integrations. (Support for App Orchard Program)
  • End-to-end Cerner integrations
  • FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) based integrations
  • HIPPA compliant healthcare application development
  • First Databank (FDB) solution integration capability like Cloud Connector, MedKnowledge, OrderKnowledge
  • Patient engagement solution development
  • Telehealth solution development
  • Integration & interoperability solutions
  • Integration solutions exploiting SMAC (Social-Mobility-Analytics-Cloud)
  • Patient portal development
healthcare software development for payers by mobisoft infotech

Healthcare Payers

As a leading healthcare IT company, we leverage our experience in healthcare plans and customer-centric digital engagement solutions to assist healthcare payers and insurance companies in streamlining the payment process, achieving higher efficiency, cost optimization and more.

Our strengths as a healthcare payer technology partner:

  • Patient claims and provider network management
  • Custom wellness applications
  • Easy ICD-9 to ICD-10 migrations and modernization of legacy systems under federal regulation compliance
  • Telemedicine solutions
  • Patient experience solutions
  • Data analytics and predictive modeling
  • Meeting compliances - IC10, CMS, MITA, CAQH
  • Digital community presence - retention, experience, and engagement
healthcare software development for pharma companies by mobisoft infotech

Pharma Companies

As a top custom medical software development company, we have worked with some of the leading pharma companies, in order to fulfill their specific technology needs like extending their existing systems and mobilizing and streamlining key business processes.

Our key strengths as a pharma company technology partner:

  • App-based field force (Medical representatives and sales rep) management
  • Medicine ordering and refill solutions for customers
  • Mobilizing clinical trials and drug testing
  • Patient monitoring
  • Improved collaboration with healthcare providers, and researchers
  • Data analytics
  • Cloud solutions for operational efficiency, security, scalability, and compliance
  • mHealth solutions for patient/provider education
healthcare software development for medical research organizations by mobisoft infotech

Life Sciences & Medical Research Organizations

We enable medical researchers to carry out smarter and efficient research studies and clinical trials and achieve better outcomes by leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies. From building custom research study apps to integration with wearables and sensors, we can do the technology heavy-lifting and let researchers focus on the actual work.

Our technology expertise for healthcare research groups include:

  • Mobile app development on Apple’s ResearchKit
  • Research study app development for Android
  • Patient recruitment mobile app development
  • Patient engagement mobile app development
  • Healthcare wearables app development
  • Meeting regulatory compliances and standards for patient data security
healthcare software development for public health by mobisoft infotech

Government & Public Health

We partner with key stakeholders in government and public health organizations to improve management, reporting and affordability of public health programs by leveraging digital technologies, mobile and cloud solutions.

Our strength as a public health technology partner:

  • Mobility solutions for efficient execution of public health programs
  • Care collaboration and coordination with private healthcare providers
  • Digitization of government hospitals
  • Upgradation of legacy IT infrastructure
  • Improving resource and asset utilization
  • Meeting regulatory compliances
  • Mobile-based disease surveillance systems

Let’s Build Digital Health Together!!

The entire healthcare industry is undergoing a digital revolution and keeping up with this drastic change is critical for every healthcare business. We empower the healthcare players to embrace the change by leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies.

Our Healthcare Service Portfolio

We offer a robust suite of healthcare services that are focused on pushing the entire industry towards digital health and still keeping the systems safe, compliant and secure.

EHR Integrations

  • Redox Engine
  • Cerner Integrations
  • Epic Integrations
  • App Orchard Program
  • FHIR
  • HL7

HIPAA & Other Compliances

  • Patient Safety & Confidentiality
  • Data Access/Security/Encryption
  • Privacy
  • ePHI
  • HITech Compliance

Mobile Health OS Platforms & Technologies

  • Apple CareKit, HealthKit, ResearchKit
  • Google Fit
  • Samsung Health
  • IoT
  • NFC
  • Messaging - PubNub
  • Video Conferencing

Healthcare Cloud/Web Services

  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure

First Databank (FDB) Integrations

  • Cloud Connector
  • OrderKnowledge
  • MedKnowledge

Startup Services

  • Accelerators
  • Micro venture Partnerships
  • Discovery Phase and Consulting
  • Business Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Dedicated Development and Delivery Model

Medical Devices & Wearables

  • Wearables App Development
  • Medical Sensor Integration
  • Real-time Data Syncing
  • Companion Apps
  • Connectivity Options Like Bluetooth, NFC and Wifi

Our Healthcare Success Stories

As one of the top healthcare software development companies in India, we have been serving the challenging healthcare IT needs of our clients with confidence and responsibility.

myhousecall healthcare client case study by mobisoft infotech



HIPAA compliant telemedicine app platform that seamlessly connects patients with doctors via secure video chat.

Key Features
  • Video calls
  • Document sharing during calls
  • Responsive web app
  • Organize and assign appointments
khushibaby healthcare client case study by mobisoft infotech



A mobile app for community health workers that interfaces with a digital necklace worn by patients via Near Field Communication.

Key Features
  • Wearable NFC technology
  • Easily update information with mobile app
  • Cloud-based dashboard
seremedi healthcare client case study by mobisoft infotech



Seremedi provides an easy-to-use platform for secure exchange of data and enhanced care coordination between patients and providers.

Key Features
  • Real-time syncing using GPS
  • Doctor’s location tracking
  • Real-time booking information
  • Complex CMS to manage
  • App compatibility