Earlier, developing an application that successfully runs on multiple platforms, devices, and operating systems (OSs) was nothing less than a challenge. But times have changed with the maturity of React Native (RN), which helps companies build apps for Web, iOS, tvOS, Android, and Android TV in a hassle-free way.

Right React Native Development Company discussion

With React Native development, your developers get the privilege to combine the flexibility of React with native platform capabilities to create superior hybrid and cross-platform applications.

But what is React Native? Simply put, it is an open-source UI framework that helps you deliver native apps without compromising on user experiences. To take full advantage of it, you need to collaborate with the right React Native development company that assists you across the entire development.

Our today’s blog focuses on the process of choosing the best React Native development company and helping you meet your software development requirements by all means. We intend to introduce you to the most important benefits of React Native development outsourcing, essential tips to partner with the right company, and much more.

Why Should You Outsource Your Requirements to a React Native Development Company?

There are many reasons to outsource React Native development services for your next project. We are going to discuss the most important ones. The list is not limited to but includes the following:

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    While hiring in-house developers proves costly, relying on freelancers may negatively impact your overall software development lifecycle (SDLC). At the same time, outsourcing your requirements to a React Native development agency can help you cut overhead costs and create a progressive environment for your project. It saves you a decent amount of capital by eliminating the need to invest in a lengthy and complicated recruitment process. You can also avoid expenses related to training, employee perks, insurance, office space, infrastructure, equipment, and other essential resources.

  • Dedicated Talent

    Outsourcing will help you hire dedicated React Native developers from a large talent pool. It will introduce you to professionals who have the potential to understand your business objectives and fulfill them accordingly. Whether you seek support for your existing operations or want to build a web or mobile application from scratch, these professionals will help your project thrive. You will have the privilege of creating an efficient development team that can help your company generate better ROI in the long term.

  • Faster Time to Market

    Swift product development and delivery are more than necessary to compete in today’s digital age. Underestimating its importance can lead to poor customer engagement. When you partner with a React Native app development company, you gain the needed access to a team of technology experts who are well-versed with React Native elements, React Native components and its related concepts. They take less time to adapt to your needs and reduce the time-to-market. They help you release fully-functional applications ahead of schedule.

  • Support and Maintenance

    With outsourcing, you don’t have to worry about the support and maintenance of your products and services. You will receive on-demand assistance to address multiple user queries and improve your application’s performance, readability, and utility. This will help keep your applications up and running in accordance with industry-acclaimed standards and technology trends. In addition, making minute feature modifications or updating the app entirely also becomes easy.

  • Focus on Core Business Activities

    When you outsource your project requirements to an experienced company, you get enough room to focus on the core business competencies rather than micromanaging things. You will be able to outline various benefits of React Native effortlessly. The company gives you better visibility across the entire product development process with lesser time and resource investment. This helps you utilize available resources for key business activities without raising any complexities.

  • Scalability and Flexibility

    Partnering with a React Native development firm helps you develop highly scalable web and mobile applications. With such apps onboard, tracking the necessary KPIs and metrics becomes much easier. As a business owner, you get enough flexibility to change your team size at any development stage.

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8 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right React Native Development Company for Your Project

Now that you know the benefits of app development outsourcing to an experienced React Native development company, let’s discover the key factors of choosing the best tech partner.

1 Define Your Business Objectives and Project Requirements

The first and most significant factor to consider before making a pick is to make a list of your key business requirements and desired goals. You need to have a brief idea about the app type you want to build and why you are investing in it in the first place. You should be clear about the relevant services, features, and functionalities to add.

Some other factors that you need to consider while listing out your core objectives are the target audience, platforms, third-party integrations, UI/UX development, availability of developers, development skill set, and technologies to use.

Along with all this, you need to set a timeline and prepare a budget that covers all these factors and their related costs in the right way. This will help you better analyze what your project actually needs and avoid future discrepancies across your entire React Native app development process.

2 Check Out Technology Competency

Evaluating the technical know-how, skillset, and resources available is necessary to build world-class products and solutions. On the other hand, leveraging the best technologies is equally important to help your application stand out. An established React Native development company has the experience and expertise in app development technologies, including emerging technologies like IoT, AI, AR/VR, and Cloud, to create tailored products. This can prove beneficial in achieving your app development goals. Therefore, you need to choose a development partner who keeps up with the latest technological advancements. It helps you build a team that concentrates on being at the forefront of new updates and modifications around your tech stack.

Besides, the team you are going to select from an IT outsourcing company should have good knowledge about what is React Native, what is React Native used for, React Native components, libraries, tools, and more. You can refer to one of our popular and helpful blogs on skills to look for when hiring a React Native developer for your project. It gives key insights into must-have technical skills to evaluate in a React Native developer. Don’t forget to check that.

3 Evaluate Software Development Methodologies

Having a good development structure in place makes your app workflow much more seamless and efficient while being able to handle complexities along the way. Hence, you need to choose a company that is well-versed with popular software development methodologies like Agile, Scrum, Lean, XP, and so on. Evaluate their expertise in implementing and working around such methods. Identify the process they follow to complete tasks within stipulated timelines.

Gather information on how it counters project updates, adaptive planning, and product deliveries. Find out the communication tools and technologies used for managing delegated tasks. Verify approach toward sprint planning, iteration, and pivoting. This will help you gain better visibility across all development stages. Apart from all this, your chosen app development company should also have a good understanding of DevOps and the best practices to implement it.

4 Review Coding and Security Standards

Having a partnership with a React Native development company means that there will be a transfer of sensitive data. You need to figure out how the company handles this business-critical information and the measures it takes to maintain the confidentiality of your ideas, products, and services. On the flip side, you need to ensure that your code is in safe hands. For this, you need to check whether the company is willing to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA). You should also check what kind of security compliances the company has passed.

Another important consideration is following the best security standards. You need to outsource your requirements to a company that prioritizes risk mitigation and have a solid security system onboard that successfully avoids cyberattacks, data malfunctions, privacy breaches, ransomware issues, phishing, man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks, malware, denial of service (DoS), SQL injection, etc.

5 Choose Your Preferred Outsourcing Working Model

It is important to choose an outsourcing model when you approach a React Native app development partner. Depending on your project needs, you need to identify the best-suited model. This will help you hire a React Native coder or build your own development team quickly and efficiently. Check out the below working models to identify the best fit.

  • Fixed Price Model

    This model helps to work on projects with pre-defined and stable requirements. It is suitable for urgent or small-size projects. Here, the cost of building an application is fixed. All the milestones are discussed before signing the contract.

  • Time and Materials (T&M) Model

    This model creates a win-win situation for projects that don’t have clear requirements or experience frequent fluctuations. It helps to unload some parts of the project at specific timelines. The total software development costs to employ the T&M model depend on the working hours.

  • Outstaffing Model

    Experts recommend this model for sophisticated, complex, and long-term projects. With outstaffing, you gain complete access to the needed skills to develop your app and regulate the SDLC. To put it simply, this model temporarily extends your in-house capabilities to overcome skill deficits. Furthermore, it helps you cut overhead costs related to social benefits, physical infrastructure, and other resources.

  • Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT) Model

    The ODT model can be a preferred choice for small, medium, and even large-scale projects. Through this working model, you can hire dedicated developers to cater to your requirements without any complex hiring efforts. The total cost of ownership (TCO) for this model is much lower compared to its counterparts. Additionally, it helps you scale your team faster and better.

6 Go through the Project Portfolio

Thoroughly review the project portfolio of the company you opt for. Make a list of clients it has worked with. Identify whether the company has worked on any similar projects as yours. Find out the specialties and areas of expertise. Gain knowledge about the use cases covered while exploiting React Native for mobile app development or web app development. Discover what type of apps, digital products, and solutions the company has delivered over the years.

7 Verify Market Reputation

Along with the project portfolio, you also need to evaluate the reputation of the company within the market by checking the user ratings and reviews on their website and other online platforms. You need to consider both positive testimonials and negative reviews to understand the credibility of the company. You can also ask your professional circle or acquaintances to share their experiences if they have partnered with the company for their respective projects in the past. Besides, certifications and accreditations for reputed platforms and third parties also play a vital role in providing unbiased insight.

8 Assess Testing and Post-Launch Support

The company you choose should practice manual and automated testing to support app features and functionalities. It should have a dedicated post-launch support strategy in place to cater to diverse use cases of React Native for web development projects. It should have the potential to gather users’ feedback and make necessary modifications to the application as a part of application maintenance and support. It should guide users on, for instance, how to use a particular feature or functionality. Moreover, the company should track potential bugs, eliminate unwanted situations, and plan updates accordingly.

How can Mobisoft Infotech Help?

Partnering with Mobisoft Infotech will help you hire React Native application developers of your choice and start your React Native app development project right away. Be it startups, SMEs, or established enterprises, Mobisoft Infotech is committed to taking your business to the next level.

Equipped with a team of seasoned project consultants, app developers, designers, mobile app testers, and software architects, Mobisoft Infotech aims to eliminate complex technical challenges and capitalize on potential business opportunities.

Furthermore, the top-notch React Native app development services by Mobisoft Infotech are backed by a combination of popular cross-platform app development programming languages, libraries, frameworks, processes, technology stacks, and other resources to achieve desired outcomes without compromising on quality.

From UI/UX development and support and maintenance services to custom feature additions, migration, and upgradation services, Mobisoft Infotech’s experts focus on delivering the best. You can also hire React Native developers on a part-time, full-time, or contract basis under the team augmentation services model and extend your in-house technology capabilities.

Here are some more partner benefits to look forward to –

  • Hire a dedicated team of React Native professionals on-demand
  • Exposure to the latest technologies and tools for your project
  • Build your team with flexible hiring and pricing models
  • Ensure confidentiality and security of your code
  • Gain access to end-to-end project management services within budget


With all the above, you would have surely understood the importance of choosing the right React Native development company and the benefits it brings to the table. Indeed, the business requirements may vary from project to project. That’s why you need to compare and evaluate all the possible options before making a decision. You need to partner with a company that understands your vision, complements your existing team, and helps you deliver future-ready solutions. This will not only expand your user base but also accelerate your digital transformation journey.

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