Apple WWDC Event has come up with promising new launches for 2022. Apple held its World Wide Conference for 2022 in the late hours of Monday, 6th of June. For developers, it is the summertime of integrating new developments across various Apple devices. The Apple operating system upgrades included the iOS 16, watchOS 9, tvOS 16, macOS 13, and iPadOS 16. What was even more exciting in this keynote session, was the introduction of the M2 processor that is going to be used in the Apple Hardware very soon. 

apple wwdc event 2022 keynote highlights

Keynotes from Apple WWDC Event 2022 Day 1

Apple has announced some amazing upgrades that will be implemented within this year, making it a haven for developers across the globe. 

Let’s begin with the new Apple update features that have been announced on Day 1.

iOS 16

iOS 16

The launch of iOS 16 features has been implied to be one of the biggest upgrades in the iPhone software. A wide range of Lock Screen features and the capability of customizing the themes and colors is just one of the many upgrades that have been included with the iOS 16- supported devices. It brings with it an extremely organized way of managing notifications in the iOS ecosystem. 

The complete reimagination of iOS 16 will be an added benefit to the end-users through SharePlay and FaceTime upgrades. Apple is enabling and pushing the AR features to be integrated with the iOS 16 update. The AR abilities with built-in parental control and an easier way to set up a new device can be performed seamlessly. With the Live Text feature, texts can be selected via images, and quick actions can be deliberated through AR abilities. The Family Sharing feature is a brand new experience for users. The photo libraries stored in the iCloud can be shared with various members of the family (up to 6 people) without the hassle of resending them each time with the Shared Photo Library introduced in iOS 16.

Apple’s iOS 16 features are also rolling out a Wallet feature called Apple Pay Later, which can be used when purchasing Apple products, and users can opt to pay for them later. iOS 16 is also focusing on the utilization of the Mail feature, where scheduling emails and canceling delivery services can be performed at a faster pace. The Maps for iOS has also received an upgrade with the Multi-Stop Routing feature, and many countries and US states have been included in Apple’s City Experience and with the CarPlay apps. Apple has also introduced My Sports segments, and the Apple watch’s Fitness App is also coming to iPhones and iOS. There has been an increased upgrade in Privacy with Matter in iOS, where users can willingly reset the privacy permissions.

watchOS 9

watchOS 9

Apple software update with the watchOS kicked off with an exclusive introduction to the Workout App. The improvisation in the watchOS 9 for the workout app has added three metrics contributing to running and efficiently tracking via the accelerometer and gyro for monitoring running cycles. It is also enabling and adding a new mode for triathletes with auto-switch mode from swimming, running, and cycling. 

Apple has also improved the detection of sleep cycles with enhanced sleep stage monitoring of the core, REM, and deep sleep cycles. For users diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, the watchOS 9 helps to track the amount of time when the heart is in A-fib. This helps to upgrade the health data tracking and identify health concerns. Going back to the iPhone, the camera can be used for scanning and tracking medications, therefore, improving the interactions of users with medication management. 

macOS: Introduction to M2 Chip

mac m2 processor

The macOS update for the Apple WWDC Event in 2022 had developers and users wait in anticipation for the launch of the second-generation computing processor. The M2 chip is a combination of power efficiency and performance. The M2 ensures assurance with a GPU performance of 25%, with a maximum of 35% compared to the M1 series. 

The M2 processor has an 87% power efficiency performance with its 10-core GPU and exceptional battery life. It is equipped with 4 high-performance and efficient cores supported by 24GB of unified memory. Apple also assures the multiple streaming with M2 for 8K and 4k videos seamlessly. 

  • MacBook Air– It will be the very first MacOS-supported device to be running on the M2 chip processor. The new MacBook Air is the slimmest and lightest model to be ever produced by Apple. This new series is set to be launched in the early days of next month. 
  • MacBook Pro– Apple is still keen on producing MacBook Pro with the latest technology integrated via an M2 processor. The design continues to be similar to the previously launched MacBook Pro with an M1 processor, and it aims to refocus the rapid development of projects throughout the laptop series. 

macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura

Another brilliant upgrade has been announced at the Apple developer conference. The mac software update was a necessity across the continuum of users. The macOS 13 has been finally upgraded with Ventura. Apple is rejuvenating its automated organizations with the Stage Manager. This new system keeps every application running but organized under a single window, making it easier to switch between the various apps and tabs. It has also improved the Spotlight feature to take quicker actions and provide richer results. The Next Safari enables users to share their tabs with colleagues, friends, and families, with an introduction to biometric Passkeys to prevent any cyberattacks. The Metal 3 introduces a big change for the gaming community. The basics of Metal 3 is to upscale the frames at lower resolution with artificial intelligence. In the end, Apple showcased how the new macOS will provide webcam continuity through the collaboration with iPhone cameras. This allows users to switch between devices without ending calls.

iPadOS 16

 ipadOS 16

The main aim for the iPadOS 16 update works solely on collaboration. To make communication and collaboration more intelligent and seamless, Apple will be launching a new app called Freeform to act as a digital whiteboard for various iPadOS 16 compatible devices. This will provide assistance in brainstorming sessions and enable users to share their ideas via notes, pdfs, images, and Apple Pencil scribbling features. 

The Apple WWDC Event has also announced a collaboration amongst the office apps, like Pages, to allow other users to make edits similar to the Google Drive workflow. The iPadOS 16 comes with added APIs for developers to create distinguished features for their app development projects. The multi-tasking capabilities leverage the new references in the iPadOS 16, further improving interactions across multiple Developers’ collaborations. 

Apple WWDC 22 Wrap Up

As we come to the end of the keynotes discussed in the Apple WWDC Event 22 Day 1, we are going to observe a wide range of capabilities integrated into the apps and upgrades. The flexibility and customization in the new launches are packed with refreshing new features that will continue to enhance the personalized and safe user experience. The collaborative system will improve interactions between the device and its users through Desktop-Class Apps. This will ensure improvement in APIs and provide developers with a sense of the next-generation web and mobile technologies. Let’s see what’s there in store for us on Day 2. Stay tuned for more updates!

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