Oil and gas industries are faced with the complexities of managing and organizing multiple types of resources; equipments, employees and crew belonging to different sections need to be handled systematically to ensure smooth production and low costs.

Learning Solutions for Oil - Gas Industry

Thus, there exists the requirement of a common digital learning solution across the workforces and their varying departments. Mobisoft Infotech provides the perfect technology platform which imparts learning solutions that helps organizations track, measure and improvise on employee skills.


Communication: Oil and gas upstream industries are often located in difficult to reach or dangerous locations with almost nil connectivity. Frequent workforce training and development programs are difficult to conduct due to this issue.

Remote Workforce: Repeated training and learning programs for separate departments according to their convenience can be a hassle as well as an expensive affair.

Continuous Skill Monitoring: As most of the workforce operates from hazardous locations and are often exposed to risky work procedures, real-time continuous skill monitoring and communication techniques are required for progress check as well as providing any urgent notifications.

Intelligent Remedial Action: Without proper monitoring of the tasks, it becomes difficult for the supervisors to take any appropriate remedial action as they remain unaware on the progress and completion of the tasks.


Unlike other industries, workforces within the oil and gas industry require extensive training and development over a variety of subjects such as safety awareness, regulatory compliance, monitoring and maintenance and management techniques too. Within the upstream oil and gas industry Mobisoft delivers:


Learning Consulting:

  • Our consulting team relies on systematically mapping out an effective performance improvement plan on the basis of a thorough understanding of how your organization functions at every level. By evaluating and benchmarking current capabilities and performance levels of your employees we can quickly address the skills, application and management gaps of your work procedures.
  • Our in-depth assessments examine all aspects of your organization on three key dimensions – people, processes and tools. On the basis of extensive research based on your employees’ work procedures, personal details and company history, Mobisoft provides a simple and easy to use tool to create a customized successful e-learning program thus guaranteeing ROI and employee productivity.

Learning Content:
After the primary step of research and consulting, we convert all the data into a well-structured digital information manual across a wide spectrum ranging from interactive e-learning courses to simulation which relies heavily upon video, audio, graphics and a certain level of gamification.

Learning Technology:

  • After our consulting team aggregates and collects vital details about your company from all sources – external as well as internal, Mobisoft chalks out a customized e-learning solution on the basis of its employee skills integration platform – SlateOne.
  • SlateOne is the apt skill-based learning management system which apart from proving employee engagement, training and tracking features, also acts as a platform for information sharing in the form of e-learning for individuals as well as departments.
  • Based on real-time intelligence, SlateOne keeps all the details, reports, dashboards and analytics updated which can be tracked at any given point of time. It helps focus training and guarantees improved ROI, and increases productivity and profitability as well.

About SlateOne

SlateOne is a product by Mobisoft Infotech which collects real time intelligence about employee skills development to improve productivity. It helps organizations measure, track & develop employee skills. We are different in a way we capture an employee’s secondary and tertiary skills along with the primary skills and present that in a competence score for organizations to plan training better.

We focus on:

  • Measuring training results and attributing it to skill improvement for employees
  • Increasing productivity
  • Eliminating numerous platforms as SlateOne acts as a single information layer to present accurate information regarding employee details


  • Skill information aggregator from different platforms
  • Skill inventory management system- Primary and Secondary skill map
  • Quantification of skills- Skill Score
  • Recommendation of training for individuals, roles and departments
  • Informal gamification and social learning engine for employee engagement
  • Ability to synchronize employee profile with a wide range of external and internal parameters
  • Easy API integration with other platforms
  • An informal knowledge sharing engine and skill voting system
  • SCORM package hosting and quick assessment creation system
  • Company dashboards and real time skill score tracking
  • User dashboards and user activity feeds