Yesterday, it was Holi, the festival of colors. Since morning, the streets outside our company were filled with students of Jog School playing holi. At Mobisoft, everyone was busy coding. At around 6 in the evening, the atmosphere inside the company changed. We began seeing specks of orange, yellow, violet and green rising in the air and within minutes, everybody in the company began smearing each other with color. People from Omesa (our friendly neighbours), also joined in. And the result? Yes,there was complete chaos as we celebrated Holi, and here are the pics (Try and recognize some if you can……..)

Our Rangeela Geeks
Mobisoft & Omesa Team
Founders of Mobiosft (The Corleones)
3 idiots (Magic band)
Enjoying Magic Performance
From left Nilesh, Sandroid, Pradip
Rangeela Coder