With launch of this revolutionary product from Apple, there are category of traditional businesses which needs to understand the power of this masterpiece. I would like to mention some points where it can be used with great effectiveness:

1. It would be useful to do simple tasks with clients and use as a planner. It’s Calendar has really amazing features and it looks stunning to have it on 9.7 inches display.

2. Great way for voice communication! Yes, it will be.
Just only minutes after updating the SDK, Apple approved its very first 3G VoIP app.
I imagine we will see many more VolP apps approved in the next few weeks.
‘Just because things weren’t talked about at the Apple Conference doesn’t mean they aren’t happening in the technology world’.

3. Publishing of digital media is going to be largest beneficial business area by the launch of iPad.
It is designed for the consumption of digital media: games, music, photos, videos, magazines, news papers and e-books. iPad’s primary purpose is to help you consume the ever-expanding amount of digital content on the go.

4. iPad would be document reader, couch surfer and e-book reader. Media companies now have to use imaginative and attractive way to make best use of iPad’s browsing experience.

5. We can build awesome HTML5 web apps and using the screen real-estate to create a magical experience.

6. I can see many apps would come up for Medicals, hospitals etc. iPad can be really effective device to log & share diagnosis information, prescriptions for patients. Easy to carry and also has best display to see many relevant images/photos.
7. Many industries where readings/observations are to be noted and shared, iPad will be really useful and handy. Like, Restaurants, Examination Centers, Conferences where sign-ups can be digitized.
8. Engineering – where calculations are important and if people get the power of handy iPad with right softwares/apps/tools in their hand then jobs are made easy to do maths, take decisions and report the result back to company office server.
9. Many more….
Some negatives:

Lack of Flash the most important one and support for multitasking.

Camera is also a major miss. however you may wanna catch external camera connection kit with at http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/27/ipad-has-optional-keyboard-dock/

We have other tablets coming to market to give us capability to make best use of technology and innovation like,
– HP Slate: A Windows 7-powered tablet
– Asus Eee Tablet: An upcoming tablet that may run on Google Android
– Notion Ink Tablet: Another Android-based tablet
– Google/HTC Tablet

To sum up, we have nice blend of innovation and technology for better user experience! We are ready to drive in for awesome products development. Are you ready for rich experience?